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Google unveils the first device with Fuchsia pre-installed in advance

An official document of Google (then quickly deleted) has revealed the arrival of a device that will have the Fuchsia OS pre-installed from launch. The Mountain View company could launch this device, probably a Nestper autumn 2023 or spring 2024.

Google, the first device with Fuchsia pre-installed is coming

In recent years, Google has developed the Fuchsia operating system, which unlike other Linux-based operating systems of the American company, uses a proprietary kernel: Zircon. The new operating system replaced “Cast OS” on the i Nest Hub e Nest Hub Max originali, but it seems that Google wants to introduce it on other devices already on the market.

But with a document published by mistake, he also announced the imminent arrival of a device that will use Fuchsia from launch. This device should also have JavaScript development support, to make it easier to manage and control the device’s features. With the ability to use the operating system too during factory production, for initial testing.

google fuchsia pre-installed min

The document also states that this javascript support it must be ready by the first half of 2023, in view of an imminent launch. This suggests that Google is ready to launch two new smart speakers.

According to rumors, it seems that one will be a cheap speaker, perhaps the one in the docking station of the already announced Pixel Tablet or a new Nest Mini. The other may be the successor of Nest Audio.

The timing points to an announcement for Fall 2023 or perhaps Spring 2024. From then on, it looks like more and more smart home devices from Google will use this operating system directly at launch. The coming months will therefore be fundamental for Fuchsia: we will keep you updated.

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