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Google wants to change Search: more social networks, more videos and AI

Google he plans to change his search engine to make it more “visual, easy to use [‘snackable’ in originale]personal and human“, showing FrMore videos and using AI. A new design that aims to be captivating for young people around the world, who are increasingly using apps like TikTok to search for information.

Google Search: More video and AI, for easier searches

The restyling provides for the introduction of more AI-powered features, like chatand more content from the social media and short videos, reported the Wall Street Journal. Users might be encouraged to ask additional questions or watch images similar to TikTok videos in response to their searches.

The Google search page is one of the most visited web pages in the world, with billion queries per day. Such a radical change would have a great impact on the tech industry and general culture. And it would take AI to a level of diffusion never seen before.

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The makeover project comes at a time when Google faces growing competition from rivals such as Bing, invigorated by the use of artificial intelligence. But Google must also beware TikTok. Short video app is very popular among young people, who use it for look for restaurants and other things.

For this, last September Google started to show short videos in search. Now the Journal says that this content will have more space. He also says that Google will give more exposure to online forum posts in search results. Focusing more and more on the “human” element of research.

Google is considering revamping its search engine with AI chat technology, to compete with Microsoft’s Bing. This could be one of the main themes of the Google I/O conference, scheduled for May 10, where the company is expected to showcase its AI products.

To compete with Bing and TikTok, Google will show more social media and push the conversation with AI. Something that could help maintain the dominance of Search. But whether or not it will provide more accurate results remains to be seen.

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