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Google will also place advertisements in AI searches

Alphabetthe parent company of Google, announced the group’s third quarter results. Google’s advertising business, which forms the core of its revenue, continues to thrive, earning 44 billion dollars, up 11% compared to the previous year. But investors are looking to the future. And Google was keen to point out that the advent of artificial intelligence will not change the company’s core business: the company will also insert ads into AI searches.

Google will also insert advertising into AI searches

Google continues to grow, leaving investors satisfied. But one of the crucial questions is how Google’s focus on artificial intelligence will affect its core business, advertising. The company is introducing new AI-powered experiencesbut the extent of the impact on advertising activities remains to be seen.

In response to this challenge, as The Verge explains, Google is exploring new advertising formats to ensure that advertisers still have the option to reach their potential customers as users experiment with new AI-powered search modes.

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Google’s goal is to infuse artificial intelligence into search, a long-term undertaking that opens up remarkable prospects. The CEO Sundar Pichai said Google sees the opportunity to “evolving research and the assistant in the next decade”.

But it’s not just Google’s advertising efforts that are achieving positive results. The YouTube ads generated $7.9 billion, up 12% compared to the previous year. Furthermore, the sector of business cloud di Googlewhich offers AI-powered services, saw a 22% increase in revenue over last year, to $8.4 billion.

So the results are there. But for the future, the company now faces a crucial challenge: balancing its commitment to AI with the need to maintain its dominant position in advertising. And it seems to be working to bring these two worlds together.

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