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Google will delete the history of users who visit an abortion clinic

Google will clear the history of users who visit an abortion clinic. Thumbnail

Still side effects for the Washington Supreme Court decision to overturn the Roe v Wade ruling. After the actions of Meta and Amazon, it is now Google to take a position on the question of the right to abortion. A few days ago, in fact, the technological giant declared that will clear the location data that show when users they visit an abortion clinic. A decision linked to the possibility that some of the data on the Net can be used against women who choose to terminate a pregnancy.

Right to abortion: Google will delete users’ history to protect their choice

After the US Supreme Court abolished the constitutional right to abortion, the tech industry has been concerned with protecting users as much as possible. In fact, many industries in the industry have worried that the police could obtain warrants for customer search history, geolocation and other information that reveals pregnancy plans. It is no coincidence, on the other hand, that American women are eliminating the apps for monitoring the cycle precisely to avoid encountering these problems.

Given the general situation, therefore, Google has chosen to take a stand. And stated that it will continue to reject improper requests or excessively large data from the government, with no reference to abortion. Therefore, starting in the next few weeks, there will be some changes for those who use the location history. Entries showing sensitive places like fertility centers, abortion clinics and addiction treatment facilities will come deleted immediately after a visit. An important decision, although it is not yet clear how the giant will identify these specific places. In doing so, Google is the first company to take a stand on the right to abortion. Now it remains to understand how the others will move.

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