Google will demonetize some content about the war in Ukraine

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Google it is notifying publishers that it could demonetize some content about the war in Ukraineif the condone or minimize the effects of the conflict. The message underlines the close to fake news on the conflict, adding to the ban of some Russian newspapers near the Kremlin.

Google threatens to demonetize some content about the war in Ukraine

A message sent Friday to some publishers on Google explains that the company will demonetize some contents about the Ukrainian invasion. In particular, content that “implies that victims are responsible for their tragedies or other instances of victim-blaming, for example those who claim that Ukraine is committing genocide or is deliberately attacking its own citizens ”.

The company also says it will be adamant on restrictions already in place. For example, policies that prohibit monetizing content that incites violence or denies tragic events. The message, reported by various publications, bears the signature Google Ad Manager Team.

It is not the first time that Google demonetizes content on its platforms, from Google News to YouTube. In the past, it has blocked content for inciting racial hatred. Sometimes wrong, like when he blocked the text of the Letter from Birmingham Prison Of Martin Luther Kingpublished by Atlantic.

Deadline reports the professor’s comment Maria Armoudian, who writes: “It should be noted that Google is not using these policies in other wars and blatant human rights violations that are happening right now. So it should be asked if will apply these policies in the futureor if it is selectively interested in the life of human beings “.

Google has not yet left any official statement about it, we will keep you informed.