Google will drop OnHub support in 2022

Google eliminerà il supporto a OnHub nel 2022 thumbnail

Let’s face it: Google’s insistence on cloud-based controls for its network devices has created quite a few problems for users. Therefore, all users who have so far used the router OnHub must prepare to find a worthy replacement by the end of the year, when the tech giant stops supporting device control via App. December 19, 2022, so you still have time to find a replacement device.

OnHub: Google will stop supporting the device

If you remember correctly, Google partnered with TP-Link and Asus to fine-tune the OnHub router. Therefore, the companies worked together to create a device with a beautiful and functional design, which would allow users to place it in the center of the house, thus also guaranteeing perfect functioning. Now, however, Google seems to be willing to say goodbye to router support starting December 19, 2022. Before this date, the device “will continue to function normally, but will not receive new software features or security updates”.

Meanwhile, the tech giant has invited users to purchase a replacement device, offering them a 40% promotional discount code. After December 19th, however, the “OnHub router will continue to provide a Wi-Fi signal”, albeit it will no longer be possible to manage it from the Google Home App. This means that you will not be able to “update things like Wi-Fi network settings, add additional Wi-Fi devices or run speed tests”. In addition, “Google Assistant functions like“ Hey Google, pause my Wi-Fi ”will stop working“.

In short, the router will actually continue to provide its Wi-Fi signal, but nothing more. Precisely for this reason, the idea of ​​buying a new device may not be bad, especially if you are among the lucky ones who have the Google promotional code available. The Nest Wi-Fi, for example, could be a worthy replacement.