Google will give us all the football of the 2022 World Cup minute by minute

Google will give us all the football of the 2022 World Cup minute by minute

Missing less and less at the kick-off of the first match of the World Cup. In order not to miss a single goal from the World Cup 2022which will be held from November 20 in QatarGoogle today announced a series of features, thanks to which we could always stay up to date on the most anticipated sports tournament in the world.

From smartphones, for example, we just need to look for a few keywords such as “World Cup”, “World Cup” or “FIFA World Cup”. At this point the search will return us a screen. Just click on bell at the top right to activate receiving notifications. These can also be customized according to the teams that interest us most. Notifications will include match updates, predictions, updated group standings and even specific statistics (from goals scored to percentage of possession).

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Google World Cup 2022

On Android operating systems it is also possible, while the game is in progress, drag the result from Google to the home of your device. In this way, without having to keep the screen open, you can stay updated on the result comfortably from the home of your smartphone.

Goals and highlights of the 2022 World Cup on Google

The highlights of the individual matches will all be uploaded to YouTube and the official FIFA + app. Creative fans will be able to relive and react to the best moments of the tournament using YouTube Shorts’ Remix feature. The contents will be uploaded with the dedicated hashtag #ShortsFIFAWorldCupwe therefore suggest that you use this tag for your videos.

For those who enjoy watching matches in company, Google introduces a label that will help fans as much as the locals who broadcast matches. In fact, it will be enough to search “Where to watch the world cup near me” within Search to find a nearby location that broadcasts matches.

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The updates will also be compatible with wearable devices with an operating system Wear OS by Google. Before the tournament starts, the smartwatch will show a countdown to the opening match on November 20. During the tournament, users will be able to obtain useful information before a match, such as team formations and player profiles. Furthermore the clock will come alive when a given team scores a goal.

Finally, last but not least, Google’s updates for the 2022 World Cup could not fail to involve voice assistants. Just tell Google Assistant phrases like “Tell me a curiosity about football” o “Who is your favorite soccer player?” to share the passion for the most popular sport in the world with your virtual assistant.

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