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Google will restore the Play Store app permissions section

Play Store users will not have to rely only on the information provided by the developers to find out what the permissions required by individual apps. Google will continue to carry out checks on the app’s activities and, above all, the section dedicated to the permissions requested by the apps will remain as an integral part of the Play Store for Android devices. Here are all the details:

Google restores the permissions section for Play Store apps

Following user feedback, Google has chosen to restore the permissions section of the Play Store apps. This section includes all the permissions required by a single app and the user is free to consult the section to check the permissions to be granted to the application before installing it. Previously, Google had anticipated the desire to remove this section to leave room exclusively for information provided by individual developers.

However, many observers have pointed out that this choice could be dangerous and could lead to a substantial growth in the number of fraudulent apps. In this way, by keeping the app permissions section, users will be able to obtain more accurate information and verified by Google about the behavior of the applications before proceeding with the download.

The reverse was confirmed by the Twitter account of Android Developers who underlined that at the basis of the choice there are i user feedback. Further news on the issue could arrive in the next few weeks. Certainly, the section relating to the permissions required by the apps will continue to be a reference of the PlayStore also in the future.

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