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Google’s DeepMind division aims to beat ChatGPT

Google is struggling to catch up after first ChatGPT and then Bing Chat took the web by storm with their conversational capabilities. The company hastily staged an AI event in Paris, after unveiling its ChatGPT rival the day before, Google Bard. But with rather disappointing results. But now Google has decided to simplify and enhance its view on artificial intelligence, announcing a reorganization of DeepMindassembling its AI experts to beat ChatGPT and Bing.

Google DeepMind, the new division to beat ChatGPT

The new division will be called “Google DeepMind“, adding the Google branding to the Alphabet company name it had bought in 2014. The team will be reinforced by Google Research’s Brain team and will aim to “lead one of the greatest social, economic and scientific transformations in history,” among other challenging goals. The new division has the main purpose of accelerate and unify Google’s AI strategysimplifying the decision-making process.

The new division will be led in CEO at DeepMind Demis Hassabis, while Jeff Dean, former head of Google AI at Google, will become the Google Chief Scientist and will report directly to the Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

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Google Research isn’t going away completely. Pichai says he will continue to work on “fundamental advances in computing in areas such as algorithms and theory, privacy and security, quantum computing, health, climate and sustainability, and responsible artificial intelligence.”

Meanwhile, Google employees are concerned about his company’s approach. According to a Bloomberg report, one worker called Google Bard “a pathological liar,” claiming that some of his instructions are patently incorrect and could be fatal, such as when you ask him how to land a plane or how to go scuba diving. It remains to be seen whether this new split will change the result.

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