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Google’s future Pixel roadmap has been leaked online

Google is preparing several novelties for its Pixel range. Over the next few years, in fact, the American company intends to significantly renew its offer with several new products. Let’s see the full details:

The roadmap of the new Google Pixels has been revealed

According to theand information leaked online in these hours, Google will bring to market the Pixel 7a, Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Fold in 2023. In the pipeline, again for next year, there is also the Pixel Tablet.

For the 2024however, should be scheduled for the debut of Pixel 8acodename Akita, followed by the Pixel 9 it’s yes two versions of the Pixel 9 Pro, one 6.3-inch and one 6.7-inch. There would also be coming soon second generation of the Pixel Fold.

During 2025moreover, the range will grow even more. There would be a coming soon Pixel 10 with compact dimensions (which could take the place of the 9a) and a Pixel 10 bigger which could, however, be replaced by a flip phone. Range too Pixel 10 Pro will have two variants, one compact and one large. He won’t miss it third generation of the Pixel Fold.

For the moment, Google has not confirmed the rumors. We’ll see if the roadmap of the new Google Pixels will be confirmed by the facts over the next three years.

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