La Gomma Magica di Google non è più un'esclusiva Pixel thumbnail

Google’s Magic Eraser is no longer a Pixel exclusive

Google Photo takes advantage of artificial intelligence for fast and truly incredible photo edits: how Eraser Magicawhich after debuting on the Pixel phones comes to all Google One subscribers. On both Android and iOS, you can test the feature to delete objects and people you don’t want in your shots.

Google’s Magic Eraser comes to all smartphones

All Google One subscribers, both on Android and iOS, and all Pixel users will be able to take advantage of Eraser Magica. But also of a new effect exclusive HDR videos and collages. Plus, Google One subscribers will get free shipping on print orders.

Magic Eraser detects distractions in your photos, such as photo bombers or misplaced objects. And then it allows you to remove them in just a few taps. If the AI ​​doesn’t do it itself, you can also circle or swipe at other things you want to erase to make them disappear.

The mode Camouflage of Magic Eraser, then lets you change the color of objects in your photos to help them blend naturally with the rest of the photo. Avoiding distractions.

Another novelty coming is to carry the effect HDR on photos to help balance dark foregrounds and bright backgrounds (or vice versa) per i video. Also, in collages in Google Photos, you can apply styles to a single photo in the collage editor and choose between designs to choose from by creating collages.

Finally, with Google One you can take advantage of the free shipping for orders from the U.S. print shop United States, Canada, the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Pixel AI expands to everyone using the Google One cloud service, bringing really cool photo editing capabilities. Which you can use on any Android and iOS smartphone.

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