Google’s Privacy Sandbox debuts in beta on Android

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Every day, many people use apps to stay informed, entertain themselves, have fun and more. Digital advertising plays an important role in supporting the developers who build and maintain these apps. And as they have become an essential tool in people’s lives, their expectation of privacy has also increased. Google he thus launched Privacy Sandbox su Android and, not only that, there is also a beta version.

The beta version of Privacy Sandbox on Android

Privacy Sandbox on Android is an initiative aimed at raising the level of user privacy and guaranteeing continuous access to free content and services. This causes that digital advertising may limit the sharing of user data and that it is not based on identifiers between apps.

Through the beta version, Privacy Sandbox gradually enters a new phase. It provides new API that put privacy at the center and do not use identifiers capable of tracking activity on apps and websites.

Apps that choose to participate in the beta can use these APIs to show relevant ads and measure their effectiveness. You will be able to control your participation in the beta by accessing the Privacy Sandbox section of the Settings.

For example, you may see what yours are interests suggested by Android, such as Movies or Outdoors, and you can block any topic if it doesn’t match your real interests. If you change your mind about participating in Beta, you can turn it off or back on in Settings.

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The goal of the Privacy Sandbox

The objective imposed with this feature is to improve user privacy and at the same time provide companies with the tools they need to be successful online. The future lies right in the evolution of digital advertising to improve user privacy, moving away from the obligation to track data through apps.

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