Gotham Knights: complete trophy list revealed!

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Let’s find out together, in this short guide, the complete trophy list of Gotham Knights, the new project dedicated to the Bat-family of Warner Bros Games arriving next 21 October on PC and console

We all know that you too are looking forward to a new chapter in the Arkham series. Warner Bros also knows this, of course, but has decided not to focus on the Dark Knight for the next chapter dedicated to DC superheroes, but to the Bat-Family. And here is Gotham Knights approaching by leaps and bounds, with the expected release next October 21 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S., to give us the impression of playing a new chapter in the series, although it will not be so. Pending the arrival, the official trophy list has been released in the last few hours, which we talk about in this dedicated guide. Welcome, trophy hunters!

Before starting

The complete Gotham Knights trophy list consists of 49 statuettes in total, of which 39 in bronze, 7 in silver, 2 in gold and the inevitable platinum trophy. As often happens, in the case of guides like these, we remind you that although the descriptions of the trophies are exclusively the official ones given by the developers, these may still contain spoiler concerning the plot. For this reason, we do not recommend continuing reading for all those who do not want to receive any kind of preview on Gotham Knights. That said, let’s get started!

Gotham Knights: complete trophy list revealed!

The first part of the bronze trophies | Gotham Knights: complete trophy list revealed!

Let’s start the guide with the first half of the bronze trophies:

  • Pending issues: Complete Dossier 01: THE LAST CASE OF BATMAN
  • Whispered words: Complete dossier 02: LA TANA DEL BIANCONIGLIO
  • Locked up: Complete dossier 03: IN THE SHADOW
  • Orchi all’Orchard: Complete the dossier 04: THE DANCE IN THE MASK
  • Hidden within the walls: Complete dossier 05: THE COURT OF OWLS
  • Without Voice: Complete dossier 06: JACOB KANE
  • Apply for Asylum: Complete dossier 07: THE LEAGUE OF SHADOWS
  • The Gotham Knight: Complete dossier 08: THE DEMON’S HEAD
  • The scent of Victor-ia: Discover a new problem at STAR Labs
  • Quart (z) or century crisis: Investigate the hustle and bustle at the Quartz Labs
  • Calm the hot spirits: Return an inmate behind bars at Blackgate
  • Laugh, clown: Meet an unusual source at Blackgate Penitentiary
  • QaoS in total: Discover a self-help program on the streets of Gotham
  • Circus phenomenon: Stop a presentation at the Monarch Theater
  • Obstacle from a-rgill-are: Find a supervillain who shouldn’t be in Gotham City
  • The show (not) must go on: Destroy a movie set and infuriate the director
  • The Bat-family: Play as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood
  • Training pays off: Complete all 16 exercises in the training area
  • Gotham City confidential information: Find all audio recordings of Bruce Wayne

Gotham Knights: complete trophy list revealed!

The second part of the bronze trophies | Gotham Knights: complete trophy list revealed!

We complete the bronze statuettes with the second half:

  • Alibi of iron: Successfully protect Batman’s secret identity
  • At full throttleComplete all Time Trials with the Batcycle
  • Knight: Unlock Knight with Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing or Red Hood
  • A worthy heir: Unlock the final rank of the Knight skill of all members of the Bat-family
  • First step towards knighthood: Unlock a skill for the first time
  • Unstoppable force: Unlock all four momentum bars as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing or Red Hood
  • Family reunion: Defeat 30 godmothers of the mala
  • Electroshock at will: Defeat 45 Electrocutori Inspectors
  • Squa-drone: Defeat 30 Inspector Drone Lords
  • Demolition Man: Sconfiggi 30 Bulldozer Freak
  • With Tied Hands: Defeat 45 assassins and 30 launchers from the League of Shadows
  • The Man-Bat-family: Sconfiggi 10 Man-Bat a Gotham City
  • Poor artillery: Defeat 40 Fierce Claws, 25 Gladiator Claws, and 15 Hunter Claws
  • In your element: Apply any elemental effect to enemies 50 times
  • I claim my mural superiority: Discover all the murals of Tim’s “Murals of Gotham City” project
  • Faculty of history: Locate all the historical places in Gotham City
  • Batarang collector: Collect all hidden Batarangs in Gotham City
  • I know everything about (f) ardo: Find all the missing pages of the legendary Historia Strigidae
  • Guardian of Gotham: Complete 50 challenges
  • Experience in casting: Get 50 mod chips by merging mod chips

Gotham Knights: complete trophy list revealed!

The silver trophies | Gotham Knights: complete trophy list revealed!

Let’s continue with the silver trophies:

  • Snow alert: Stay cool and weather the storm at Elliott Center
  • Universal health assistance: Visit Gotham City General Hospital after visiting hours
  • Under the stone is the clay: Solve the case at Gotham Aqueduct
  • End of an era: Complete all Super Villains files
  • Passionate momentum: Unlock all momentum skills such as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing or Red Hood
  • Not if I’m there: Successfully foil all premeditated crimes in one night
  • Dress properly: Craft a complete legendary gear set (suit, melee weapon, ranged weapon)

Gotham Knights: complete trophy list revealed!

The gold trophies and the platinum trophy | Gotham Knights: complete trophy list revealed!

We approach the end with the two golden statuettes:

  • He would be so proud of you: Reach the maximum level with any member of the Bat-family
  • smart watcher: I prevented 250 crimes from Gotham City

Gotham Knights: complete trophy list revealed!

Finally, let’s find out the title of the Gotham Knights platinum trophy:

  • Heir to the Hood: Collect all Gotham Knights trophies

Gotham Knights: complete trophy list revealed!

Good fun!

Finish the complete Gotham Knights trophy list here. Let us know what you think below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at affordable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!