Gran Turismo 7 is the lowest-rated Sony game on Metacritic

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Gamers claim that the latest update to Gran Turismo 7 has made the problems with microtransactions even worse.

Gran Turismo 7 continues to have problems

The figures speak for themselves: Gran Turismo 7 is officially the Sony game with the lowest score on Metacritic. To make matters worse it was definitely the latest update that made it harder for players to unlock cars without paying real money. Following the update, the user score for the game on Metacritic has dropped to just 2.0. Eurogamer reports that this is the lowest user score ever awarded to any PlayStation Studios or Sony Interactive Entertainment game. A disastrous vote, reflecting the community’s sentiment regarding the many problems that have plagued the game in recent weeks.

In the past few days, a maintenance on the game servers has made the title unplayable for over 30 hours, which has made users very angry. A problem that forced the developers to issue an open letter of apology to the players. However, the aforementioned 1.07 update definitely brought down the score.

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