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Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands – Disponibile per PC e Switch

Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands is available for PC and Switch thumbnail

Finally you can fasten your skis: Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands has officially arrived on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Get on the track: here is Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands

Do you remember Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands? We told you about it here just last week, waiting for the official launch that has finally arrived. The game is in fact available for both Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam). Developed by the Swedish studio It’s raining, and distributed by Microids Indie, the title presents itself as an exciting and refreshing open world ski and snowboard game. Not only that, however, because the videogame, in addition to the adrenaline-pumping slopes, will also allow us to relax and get lost in the snowy nature of the game mountains.

Some of the features of the title are:

  • Exploration: Put on your skis or snowboard to explore 12 huge ski areas. The settings will be vast and varied, with dense forests, crowded slopes, steep cliffs and very high, very high and snow-covered peaks. Don’t worry though, it will be possible to rest in the welcoming mountain villages.
  • Disciplines and challenges: Super G, Slopestyle, Big Air and many other disciplines make the title always frenetic. In addition, the game is full of hidden challenges and secret trials off the slopes. The first real challenge, however, will be finding them! It will also be interesting to collect ski passes to unlock new lifts and mountains!
  • Hiking in the mountains alone or in a group? Choose whether to tackle the slopes alone or in local multiplayer (up to 4 players). Also in this case it will be possible to challenge friends but also to enjoy the mountains by hiking with friends.
  • Enough Phenesia, activate Zen mode: take a moment to regenerate your strength. By activating this mode all challenges, collectibles and even NPCs are removed. You will thus be able to enjoy entire untouched mountains.
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