Grandparents’ Day: Here’s how Alexa makes everyday life easier

Festa dei Nonni: ecco come Alexa aiuta a semplificare la quotidianità thumbnail

On the occasion of the Grandparents’ Day, in program on October 2nd, it is time to take stock of all the ways Alexa helps make life easier for older people, both in everyday life and to keep in touch with children and grandchildren. Here are the full details:

Alexa is great support for grandparents

With Alexa it is set up routines that save time by grouping a series of actions with a single command. And with Alexa, grandparents can keep in touch with family members more easily, making hands-free calls and initiating video calls via screen devices.

Also noteworthy is the ability to organize tasks and set reminders as well as drawing up lists. All these activities represent valid supports in daily life. What’s more, with Alexa it’s possible share their purchasing needs with their contacts as well as transforming the home into a real smart home. Grandparents can get several benefits from Alexa.

Note, for example, that it is possible have all the information at your voice as well as listen to music, audio books and other multimedia content. Thanks to the devices with screens, you can also watch movies and TV series. Note that with the Separate di Alexa it is also possible to access many extra functions to customize the user experience.