Arriva la nuova di frigoriferi di GRF: tra Quattro Porte e Side-by-Side thumbnail

GRF four-door refrigerators: here is the new range of models

GRFan Italian company specializing in production of large refrigerators, presented a new range of products arriving on the Italian market. Seven new models to meet the needs of Italians between Quattro Porte and Side-by-Side modelsas well as new arrivals of the line Hybrid to offer performance, efficiency and savings.

Maurizio Severi, GRF CEO, commented on the new arrivals: “Our commitment is to provide a range of products of the highest quality, able to meet all the needs of the most advanced consumers and to meet the standards that have made Italy famous. in the world. To achieve our goal, GRF strictly controls and guarantees all stages of the production process, from development and design to construction in our own factories. “

Let’s find out some of the models announced.

The new entries of the GRF refrigerator line

GRF’s new product line boasts exclusive technologies and patents of the companyincluding function flash freezing which allows the temperature of the freezer to be brought to -4 degrees in a third of the time compared to traditional freezers. THE panelable refrigerators of GRF are the only ones of their kind to offer a automatic ice maker, a controlled humidity drawer and a variable temperature drawer for optimal food preservation.

The possibility to choose between different set-ups for each line is a confirmation of the great
GRF’s attention to the peculiarities of each type of home and the Company’s ability to grasp and interpret the evolution of the domestic environment. All the new models are in fact the perfect synthesis of the latest technological trends in the world of household appliances and furniture, the result of continuous research and collaboration with Studio Vegni Design.

Let’s find out all the details.

Built-in, Quattro porte e Side by Side

GRF Quattro door

The built-in four-door and side-by-side refrigerators boast a total net capacity of 525 liters and 539 liters respectively, as well as all the GRF technology. In fact, we find the humidity control pad, humidity controlled drawer with slider, variable temperature drawer (-4, 0, +4), flash-freezing, ice maker, front air discharge, aluminum back, inverter system and shelves illuminated rack.

The new line of Hybrid refrigerators from GRF

GRF Quattro Porte Hybrid line set

The GRF Hybrid line now boasts three new models: Hybrid Four Doors, Hybrid Side by Side and Hybrid Frenchs Door. All models boast the best GRF technologies such as humidity control pad, variable temperature drawer (-4, 0, +4), front air exhaust, inverter system and aluminum backrest.

On the other hand, the dimensions vary, from the 412 liters of capacity of the French Door, to the 466 liters of the Quattro porte.

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