Grounded: out today after a long period of early access

Finalmente in uscita Grounded: dopo un early access durato due anni thumbnail

Imagine being reduced, for a mysterious reason, to the size of an ant. Then imagine finding yourself in the backyard, where those very thin blades of grass now seem immense and impassable skyscrapers. By merging the concepts of A Bug’s Life and Honey, I shrunk the guys, the developers of Obsidian Entertainment (Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire) created Grounded: game out today after two years of early access.

The title was in fact received very well after the early access launch in the summer of 2020, to the point of being nominated in the Innovation and Accessibility category of Game Awards of that year. Since then, however, it has been parked there, available for free in the Game Pass catalog, and almost ended up on the back burner of that huge cauldron of Xbox titles. However, things change today: with the official announcement of the definitive release.

Looking forward to giving it a try and bringing you our review, here’s what you need to know about Grounded.

Grounded Trailer and Plot: Out today on Xbox and PC

To the delight of arachnophobics and insects, Grounded will take you to the backyard where, in the size of an ant, you will find yourself having a very different perspective on danger. A pond will become an ocean, a small fly a predator and spiders, well spiders will be horrifying. However, it will be possible to ride the ladybugs, after all a joy is granted to us even if we are tiny and insignificant. In short, Grounded will be a sort of survivor adventure definitely out of the ordinary.

After launching in 2020 the game has reached beyond 1 million players in its first two days su Xbox Game Preview e Steam Early Access.