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GTA 6 coming out? The announcement could come this week

It’s now been 10 years since the release of GTA V. An entire decade that fans of Grand Theft Auto they spent like Schopenhauer’s pendulum, constantly oscillating between waiting for an announcement and the pain of a denial. Yet here we are, perhaps the time has come: the moment of the announcement of the release of GTA 6, with a first trailer that could arrive as early as December.

The news comes from Bloomberg, who in the past anticipated quite a few rumors, which later turned out to be correct, about the new game. It would therefore be a surprise move by Rockstar Games, which to date has never released any official statement on the project. Bloomberg’s main source is Jason Schreiera journalist specializing in the gaming industry, who has long experience and a reputation for reliability.

What we know about the release of GTA 6

So far, information on GTA 6 has been sparse and fragmentary, based on rumors, leaks and speculation. Among the few things that seem certain are the setting in Vice City, the city inspired by Miami, and the presence of two protagonists, one male and one female.

This information was confirmed by a massive data leak last year, when hackers leaked images and videos of a test version of the game online.

Returning to the rumors about the release, however, we can expect the long-awaited announcement this week, with a first official trailer in December, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the birth of Rockstar Games.

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