GTA Online: Complete Guide to Business Battles

What are Business Battles in GTA Online and how do they work? Let's find out together in this dedicated article

Business Battles in Grand Theft Auto Online are a Free Mode event in addition to the Los Santos Summer Special and After Hours updates. The rules are quite simple: you have to participate in a race to get your hands on different cargoes in the shortest time possible, while other players are competing, looking for the same loot.

Entry is also permitted to non-members

Luckily, you can participate in Business Battles even if you are not currently a member of any gang in Grand Theft Auto Online. Additionally, instead of keeping the stolen cargo, you will be rewarded with money and reputation points. If you are looking for modded accounts for your Xbox console, take a look at the list of gta v xbox one modded accounts available on CSGOSmurfNinja to make your wish come true!

So if you're new to Grand Theft Auto Online, below are the dos and don'ts you need to keep in mind when you're ready to dive into this high-stakes, high-count Grand Theft Auto Online event. octane and high remuneration.

GTA Online: Business Battle Details: A Complete Overview

1. Acquire a nightclub

Yes, you can participate in Business Battles events even if you don't own a nightclub. Moreover, business battles require only 3 players, if we talk about the minimum presence required in the lobby. Also, don't forget that the rewards are much sweeter than you ever imagined. Having your own nightclub will attract more money and will also increase your reputation, along with any illicit goods you have managed to get your hands on. Buy modded gta 5 ps4 accounts at affordable prices only on CSGO Smurf Ninja!

Things don't stop there, you can experiment with the cargo as you like, such as selling it to get extra margins. To help you out, Grand Theft Auto Online has no shortage of nightclubs that you can purchase. In case you are short on cash, here is a list of some affordable ones:

  • Elysian Islands – $1,080,000
  • LSIA – $1,135,000
  • Cypress Flats – 1.370.000 dollari

If you follow my advice, the best possible location for a nightclub is West Vinewood, on sale for $1,700,000, because it is close to most missions and businesses that have huge earning potential. If you want immediate delivery of your modded accounts, always choose CSGOSmurfNinja!

2. Understand the different objectives of business competition

When we talk about business battles, remember that these are not simply smash-and-grab missions. There are 13 types in total, and the difficulty level can increase significantly based on the number of contestants preparing to participate in it.

For this reason, knowing the purpose of each of these missions can be of great help to both you and your team members, who will be able to immediately cheer them on without wasting precious time, when they are inside the game. If you are looking for a reliable seller of modded accounts, visit the CSGO Smurf Ninja online portal!

Additionally, the Mercenary/Gang Assault, Assassination, and Pick-Up missions are self-explanatory. On the other hand, the Joyrider, Merryweather Drop and Aircraft Carrier Assault missions are a bit complicated and sometimes more difficult to complete.

3. When do trade fights become accessible?

Trade Battle events will remain active as long as there are more than 3 players in the lobby. There is another requirement: the minimum number of players required must not be involved in any other Freemode event at any given time. Once these requirements are met, a Freemode event will be visible on the map as per game times.

Furthermore, a new Freemode event will continuously update if the previous basic conditions are met without errors. All Grand Theft Auto Online players will be notified when Freemode events become available. Battles will also transition from challenge to event, with a fifteen minute pause before the next event is available. Remember that if you are unable to participate in the first event, you will have to wait a while before a new one is created.


As usual, we will conclude today's session by summarizing the key points we have covered previously. For starters, Trade Battles are a fun event you can participate in within Grand Theft Auto Online. Last but not least, we will use this blog to get the inside scoop on these Grand Theft Auto Online business battles.