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GTA Online: Incredible bonuses planned for next week

Comes a week full of bonuses in GTA Online. In the first instance, the search speed of the bunkers doubles for aspiring arms dealers, and the personnel of the bunker it will take half the time to complete research projects such as weapon and vehicle modifications. In addition, the supplies for the bunker with which to carry out the research are discounted by 50%. But it certainly doesn’t end there.

GTA Online: A New Bonus Week Begins

It will then be possible to use your office computer to visit the Securoserv site and launch missions for special vehicles, in which you will have to maneuver objectives by managing modified vehicles, earning double rewards for the whole week. Additionally, all players who log into a GTA Online session this week will receive a black Hawk & Little logo t-shirt for free.

As if that weren’t enough, restocking your motorcycle club’s supplies will cost you half. To help would-be smugglers set up their business, Vehicle Warehouses and Special Cargo Warehouses are 30% off this week.

GTA Online bonus

Also new for Extraction, whose players will receive triple GTA $ & RP regardless of the position held. Winners of three Mining rounds will also receive a GTA $ 150,000 bonus, delivered within 72 hours of completion.

GTA Online bonus

In addition, the members of the Autoraduno di LS who will win seven clandestine races over the next seven days will get the keys to the Grotti Turismo Classic, a retro sports car for true purists: all muscles and nerves, no frills and safety measures reduced to a minimum.

GTA Online bonus

Finally, don’t forget to pop into the atrium of the Diamond Casino and Resort as the top prize of the week is the Obey Tailgater S, a four-door sedan that serves as an ideal base for computers who want to combine comfort and recklessness.

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