GTA Trilogy: Over an hour of gameplay has been leaked online

A few hours after the official release of GTA Trilogy, several gameplay videos of the games have already been leaked on the network

The month of November will be marked by various important videogame releases: in addition to the new titles already arrived, such as CoD Vanguard and Forza Horizon 5, other games will also reappear after years of their release, such as the new Shin Megami Tensei V. Among the remasters , we will see the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim to celebrate the ten years of the title, and also that of the three most known and loved games of Grand Theft Auto, reissued in a “Definitive edition” of the trilogy. Even if we are now one day after the official release in digital version, Rockstar has not yet shown any gameplay of the GTA Trilogy; some users have thought of this by posting gameplay videos in advance on Reddit and YouTube.

Let’s take a look at the much-requested GTA Trilogy gameplay

For some reason, Rockstar Games appeared reluctant in showing the details of the remaster through videos, limiting itself to releasing screenshots, trailers of the cutscenes and more recently of the gifs of some portions of the games. In the GTA Trilogy gameplay videos leaked online, players finally have the opportunity to better see the additions, changes and improvements that the development studio claims to have made in all three titles: among them the elements that jump most to the eye are certainly the graphics and visual effects; however, the gameplay has it really changed that much?

Rockstar had heralded a modernization of the style of play; in addition, in the version for Nintendo Switch, edited directly by Nintendo, specific controls will also be supported, which will include gyroscopic aiming and the use of the touch-screen. Taking a look at the various leaked videos, however, it seems that some aspects have remained identical to the original titles. An example can be found in the audio sector: the quality appears same as past versions both for the dubbing and for the secondary sounds belonging to the game world.

Even the movements of the characters, originally rather woody both in combat and in driving and walking, still remain present today. Instead, among the differences that can be noted, let’s see highlighting enemies subject to our aim, the weapon wheel, the improvement of the mini-map. Either way, the trilogy was billed as a remaster, so it had long been known that it wouldn’t get too substantial changes, and it would have been more in line with the HD reissues released in recent years by Rockstar.

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