GTA Trilogy: will remastered be better on mobile devices?

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As we have sadly been able to evaluate during the past few days, the GTA Trilogy is suffering from a myriad of technical problems, to the point that Rockstar has stepped in to apologize to the fans. According to new leaks, however, the mobile version of the GTA Trilogy would seem to enjoy much better health than the console version.

GTA Trilogy: the leaks show a mobile version in shape

Insider Tervel showed up in the past on Twitter that through some files present in the console version of the remastered it is possible to access the settings of the mobile versions. The leaker then posted several screenshots of the first three GTAs, captured on a iOS operating system. Of course, the final result could vary a lot, but the graphic rendering of the images suggests that the mobile port will be of higher quality than the console version.

Twitter users were surprised by the quality of the screenshot, and in fact it is bizarre that a mobile port is ultimately much more refined than its console counterpart. The apparent mystery, however, is revealed if we inquire about the studio in charge of bringing these three historical video games to our smartphones.

We are in fact talking about Grove Street Games, a small Californian software house specializing in the transposition of console games on mobile devices. The firm therefore admittedly has much more experience and expertise with regards to Android and iOS infrastructures, even if it is still taken to raise its expectations.

The screenshots shared by Tervel were in fact captured by a PC that emulates the iOS operating system, and the graphics rendering on an actual mobile device may vary greatly. To get a clearer view of the situation, we therefore invite you to wait for an official announcement, which will probably not be long in coming.