GTA V and GTA Online are now available on next-gen consoles

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Dear readers, starting today GTA V e GTA Online are officially available on PS5 e Xbox Series X|S. The two big hits that won the audience are ready to debut on the latest generation consoles with a number of improvements for all players. Let’s find out all the details together.

GTA Online and GTA V are available on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S

Below are the main features of the two titles:

  • Stunning graphics: Improved fidelity and performance thanks to three new graphics modes to customize the gaming experience up to 4K resolution; a frame rate that can reach 60 frames per second; HDR options, ray tracing, improved texture quality and more.
  • Faster uploads: Faster access to the action in the world of Los Santos thanks to extremely short loading times.
  • Immersive controls: New levels of responsiveness thanks to the haptic feedback and dynamic resistance of the adaptive triggers of the DualSense wireless controller on the PlayStation 5.
  • Audio 3D: hear the sounds of the game world with absolute precision: the roar of the engine of a stolen supercar, the roar of gunshots, the crash of a helicopter overhead and more.

Plus, learn about the improvements made to the ever-changing world of GTA Online, where you’ll start as a simple street crook and become king of your own criminal empire.

Hao’s Special Works

Exclusively on the latest generation consoles, Hao has acquired the workshop of theAuto-rally of LS to offer Hao’s Special Works professional customization service. To unlock it, you will have to answer the Hao’s call e win a time trial aboard a modified high-performance HSW vehicle. After unlocking Hao’s workshop, you will be able to purchase HSW mods for eligible vehicles and a new set of upgrades.

Starting today, HSW upgrades and modifications are available for Overpowers Sentinel XS, Shitzu Hakuchou Drag, Grotti Turismo Classic e Bravado Banshee. Five new vehicles are also available exclusively for the latest generation consoles: Coil Cyclone II, Karin S95, Imponte Arbiter GT, Pfister Astron custom e Pegassi Ignus armata.

Players who come from PS4 and Xbox One will receive free a new Karin S95 modified by HSW, after unlocking Hao’s Special Works. Also all players will get the Chameleon dark purple pearl paint e prismatic red pearl for all HSW eligible vehicles, with the option to equip one for free.

Career, menus and updates

GTA Online will include the career selection for the new generation of consoles. These changes have been designed for those who want restore your character e start over on the right foot in the criminal underworld of Southern San Andreas.

Thanks to the Career Selection, players will be able to access GTA Online with a commercial propertya vehicle e a weapon. They will also have the option to add useful improvements and a little bit of GTA$ extra.

They can choose from one career path selection GTA Online Most Popular: Biker, Leader, Night club manager O Arms dealer. They will receive 4,000,000 in GTA $ to buy everything you need. With any of these four careers players can ensure they have one commercial property it’s a wide range of missions to dive into.

After selecting a career, players can use the GTA $ 4,000,000 to purchase essential items from a variety of properties, vehicles and weapons. Here they can choose from those basicas a property with no modifications or improvements, in addition to a weapon and a vehicleor opt for properties already modified and customizedluxury vehicles and weapons.

Plus, you can transfer the progress of the Story Mode from your system PlayStation 4 Oh yes Xbox One loading a save on the Social Club di Rockstar Games.

GTA Online is now available as a standalone title

For the first time, GTA Online is also available as independent title for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Will be available free only on PS5 until June 14, 2022 and available to discounted price on Xbox Series X | S until June 14, 2022.

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