GTRacing GT890M review: the gaming chair that plays!

In this review we analyze the GTRacing GT890M gaming chair. It is a unique product of its kind for a peculiar feature: the presence of integrated audio speakers! But apart from that, will it meet expectations as a chair? Let’s see together

A workstation that you respect cannot be defined as such without a gaming chair. It is not just a style game, but a real tool that allows you to better enjoy our gaming experience and more! Having a good gaming chair is essential for your health. In this review the protagonist will be GTRacing GT890M, a gaming chair that is unique in its kind because the manufacturer has decided to insert bluetooth speakers on the back of the backrest. But this should not be distracting: the main task of a gaming chair is to make us feel comfortable. Let’s see if GTRacing GT890M will succeed.

GTRacing GT890M review: the gaming chair that plays!

GTRacing GT890M review, gaming chair features:

  • Seat width: 39cm
  • Overall width: 70cm
  • Seat depth: 50cm
  • Backrest height: 82,5cm
  • Total height: 135cm
  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Maximum load: 135 kg
  • Seat height from the ground: minimum 40cm, maximum 49cm.
  • Backrest can be reclined up to 180 ° (from 90 ° to 180 °).
  • Armrest adjustment with 2 degrees of freedom
  • Lumbar and cervical pillow supplied
  • Speaker Bluetooth 5.0 da 3 W integrati

GTRacing GT890M review: assembly

When buying a gaming chair, the first step is always the assembly. It can be a fun activity as well as very tedious depending on how the manufacturer has decided to handle instructions and pieces. In the case of GTRacing GT890M the parts are supplied well packed and properly separated and labeled so as not to have doubts during the assembly phase. Allen screws are also supplied to tighten the screws. Small note: GTRacing was a bit stingy with the extra screws, try not to lose them!

The detailed instructions with pictures are available in English, while the translation into different languages ​​is only a summary. However, these are very simple instructions to understand, even on an intuitive level by looking at the images. Very well then. The assembly can be conducted at 80% solo, although you will need a hand for some steps such as inserting the seat into the gas piston. Unfortunately, however, in some cases we have found it difficult to insert the bolts into the holes: in certain passages you have to go a little blindly and this can greatly lengthen the time. In total, the unpacking and assembly of the GTRacing GT890M should take about 1-2 hours (alone) due to the minor misalignments.

GTRacing GT890M review: materials and build quality

Let’s move on to the analysis of the materials used and the build quality. You will notice it almost immediately using the sense of smell – we advise not to open the package and assemble the chair in poorly ventilated places – that the chair is largely made up of synthetic materials such as eco-leather which do not give a feeling of high quality at first glance. Even to the touch the feedback is very similar to a plastic rather than a synthetic fabric. The material used it is elastic and thin and this leads to creasing which in the long run will probably lead to deterioration of the coating. Furthermore the perspiration is practically nil and using it in the summer can be annoying. The friction created on the clothes also makes sitting less comfortable. Of course being essentially a plastic film it is very easy to clean: it does not retain dust and liquids so it does not stain and a wipe with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner is sufficient.

However both the seams of the seat and of the backrest seem well done and quite resistant. The embroideries with the brand logo also look well done. The internal padding of the GTRacing GT890M is a little too hard and in our opinion. The internal structure is very solid and made of metal, while the exposed parts (such as the armrests and wheels) are almost always plastic, but of good quality. The piston that allows you to raise and lower the chair is class 4 and is also easily available on the market at a low price if you need to replace it. In general in the “visible” parts of the chair the aesthetic details are well cared for. The only defects we noticed them in the “hidden” components such as the wheels. Supplied we have a lumbar and a cervical pillow, removable and adjustable with elastic bands to improve ergonomics according to your characteristics. Ultimately GTRacing GT890M is a very solid and functional chair, no creaking strange during our trial of about 20 days.

GTRacing GT890M review: comfort and daily use of the gaming chair

This gaming chair definitely allows a good degree of freedom in configuring it to your body and your workstation. Both the backrest and the seat height can be adjusted easily and precisely. A note of demerit, however, goes to the armrests of which it is not possible to adjust the projection, even if you can change the orientation and height. This only partially affects ergonomics, but it certainly would have been a welcome feature. The GTRacing GT890M gaming chair is equipped with 5 wheels are of the differential type that allow you to move easily in any direction.

We come to the user experience which is ultimately what counts. When you sit down for the first time, surely you are satisfied. The backrest is very comfortable and accommodates the back without forcing it. By adjusting the backrest you can work both with an upright and slightly inclined back. The supplied pillows also seemed to us very useful for increasing comfort, obviously they will be adjusted at will. The seat tends to swing forward, if you don’t like it, remember to fix the rear knob well. However, there are some observations to be made. We would have preferred a slightly softer seat padding, at least in the top layer. Indeed during prolonged use there is a discomfort that forces you to get up for a few minutes. After several days the padding adapts a little, slightly mitigating the problem that still remains. In part this effect is also due to the friction developed by the eco-leather. A similar argument is valid for pillows. Occasionally we have noticed that the piston tends to give way and the lever gets stuck, but it happens rarely and is resolved almost immediately.

GTRacing GT890M review: the gaming chair that plays!

The integrated speakers

The GTRacing GT890M gaming chair offers as an additional gem of the speaker Bluetooth integrati, set in the upper part, on the sides of the head. It must be said that the quality is quite good. The system it is powered by an external battery which will be carried back in the special pocket on the back, so there will be no wires around. The audio quality isn’t great, but it’s not bad either. Since the speakers are positioned on the sides of the head, an enveloping sound is perceived when seated. In short, qualitatively it is not so bad as a choice, even if we cannot compare them with a good headset or external speakers.

GTRacing GT890M review: the gaming chair that plays!


Between highs and lows, we can define GTRacing GT890M a good mid-range gaming chair. In fact, the sturdiness and comfort of the backrest are undeniable, even if the eco-leather used and the seat have not completely convinced us. The attention to aesthetic details and general quality is certainly superior to the lower-end models, but we are far from the high-end models. Bluetooth speakers are certainly a fun gimmick, but at the end of the games they are not very useful and perhaps only raise the final price which is 169.99 euros on the official site. If you’re on a tight budget, the GTRacing GT890M gaming chair can be a great solution, but keep in mind the flaws we’ve listed. Alternatively you can take a look at this product which is very similar, but without the speakers. From the hardware section that’s all, keep following us!

Points in favor

  • Good ergonomics of the backrest
  • Removable cushions supplied
  • Solidity and build quality

Points against

  • Faux leather upholstery
  • Seat and cushions not very comfortable in long sessions
  • Armrests not adjustable in width
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