Guile will make his return in Street Fighter 6: here is his set of moves

Guile farà il suo ritorno in Street Fighter 6 thumbnail

Guile will officially be the fifth playable character in Street Fighter 6, the latest installment of the popular Capcom fighting franchise. The American hero then joins legends and new faces announced for the game such as Chun-Li, Ryu, Luke and Jamie. The game will officially release in 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC, but fans can already taste the action thanks to the new trailer dedicated to Guile.

All of Guile’s moves in Street Fighter 6

Guile will have at his disposal new attacks intense and powerful, as well as moves from his past, dear to fans of the game. Fans will also be able to decide whether to use the Classic Control Type or the brand new and simplified Modern Control Type. Guile’s moves include:

  • Somersault Kick (Flash Kick) – The classic backflip kick
  • Sonic Boom – Guile’s main projective ability
  • Sonic Blade – A static aerial slash
  • Solid Puncher – Shoot a barrage of small Sonic Booms
  • Sonic Hurricane – A massive aerial slash that hits forward or diagonally upward
  • Crossfire Somersault – A brand new Super Art that fires a huge aerial slash followed by a devastating Somersault Kick

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