Esce oggi Gunfire Reborn per Xbox: disponibile su Game Pass thumbnail

Gunfire Reborn is out today: available on PC and Xbox (also on Game Pass)

Gunfire Reborn for Xbox is out today: available on Game Pass thumbnail

Having tried it in preview in the past weeks (our review here) we can really say it: Gunfire Reborn is a game that made us fall in love with roduelite on consoles again. The title, developed by Duoyi Games and published by 505 Gamesis available from today on also on Xbox One e Xbox Series X|S, after last year’s release for PC and mobile. In addition, the owners of Xbox Game Pass they will be happy to know that the game is included in the catalog.

The launch trailer for Gunfire Reborn on Xbox consoles

Players will be able to take on the role of six different heroes, each with unique abilities, for battles in single player o co-op (up to 4 players per team) in PvE. Each game will be generated randomly, for a campaign that will bring our heroes to confront numerous enemies to beat to face the final bosses of each level.

In our Gunfire Reborn preview review we wrote:

“The fun fights, the interesting progression system, the variety of enemies and weapons, and the infinite possibilities of combining the upgrades only add interest to a title that, without pretense, has managed to show us that roguelites can still amaze. In short, a game to try. The classic example of the videogame that shouldn’t be judged by the cover.”

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