Guns N’ Roses: The General’s video with Artificial Intelligence

Guns N' Roses utilizzano Intelligenza Artificiale per il video di The General thumbnail

Apparently not even hard rock legends can resist the call of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is demonstrated by the Guns N’ Roseswho used AI to create some specific sequences of official video of The Generalnew single from the Los Angeles band released on December 8, 2023.

Guns N’ Roses: The General’s official video (with AI)

The video of the song, as you can admire above, is decidedly atypical for the historic band led by Axel Roses. The cartoonish and animated tone of the clip is light years away from the blockbuster videos that the group accustomed us to in the 80s (obviously we are thinking of November Rain above all).

It so happens that the band members, Slash including, transform into kids artificially created by AI. A bold choice, but one revealed by the band itself in an official press release.

“The video for ‘The General’ integrates twenty concert clips with an AI-animated psychedelic visual journey,” reads the press release issued by Guns N’ Roses. “Starting from the concert footage, we immerse ourselves in the subconscious of a young boy who looks at the monsters belonging to the darkest memories of his childhood. And in doing so the two worlds become confused. The result is unlike anything the band has ever done throughout its history. A choice that continues a historic tradition of bold Guns N’ Roses images.”

In the meantime, the video is causing a lot of discussion, between those who would like a return to the origins (“really would like to see them making songs and music videos similar to their old stuff which I love”, we read in the comments of the video on YouTube) and those instead he appreciated this umpteenth reincarnation of the band (“Guns n’ Roses are doing today what they’ve always been doing. Whatever the hell they want”, writes another user).

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