Hacker attack during a Senate meeting

Attacco hacker durante un convegno del Senato thumbnail

About a week before the presidential vote, the Senate is threatened by a sudden hack attacker during an exhibition of the parliamentary of the 5 Star Movement, Maria Laura Mantovani. Within seconds the attack turned into a terrifying one pornattacco. Let’s find out the details of this unpleasant story.

Senate hacker attack: that’s what happened

What happened during an exhibition of the parliamentarian Maria Laura Mantovani it is as strange as it is terrifying. During a conference in the Senate, Mantovani was transmitting slides and some graphics on a screen. Suddenly, though, this screen suddenly sent some bewildering images, which left all the participants speechless.

The most worrying aspect of this whole matter concerns, first of all, the poor protection of the Senate systems. Hackers were able to easily break into systems and such a thing it shouldn’t happen. In addition, to block the broadcast video and images, security officers employed more time than expected.

Among other things, it is necessary to point out that this unfortunate and unfortunate incident is happening now, i.e. a week before the start of the voting to elect the new President of the Republic. The increase in Omicron infections among large voters and parliamentarians without the Green Pass is starting to worry, as it could be decided to vote through a remote voting.

This electronic vote, given what happened recently in the Senate, is in danger of becoming victim of countless hacker attacks. In such a delicate and particular moment like this that we are experiencing, there is therefore the risk that someone from outside could easily falsify grades.

At the moment we have no further information on this and we prefer to avoid publishing, even if censored, the video broadcast during the meeting in the Senate. The most curious can find it on the official website of Open, which reported the news first.

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