Hacker attack on the Red Cross

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A few hours ago the Red Cross was the victim of a hacker attack. According to what was revealed, the attack would have compromised the data of more than 515,000 highly vulnerable people and the organization itself was forced to shut down some computer systems. Let’s find out more details together.

The Red Cross is also the victim of a hacker attack

At the moment there is no information about the possible perpetrator of the attack. However, the organization said its “biggest concern” relates to the possibility of the data being compromised are disclosed. In fact, the entire organization invites you not to send this data.

The organization has in fact stated that, following the attack, it was forced to block computer systems who support a care program that brings families together from conflicts, migrations and disasters. We know that the cyber attack specifically targeted acompany based in Switzerland that the Red Cross pays to archive the data.

The compromised data comes from at least 60 of the “national companies”, The volunteer networks e personal, all over the world that the Red Cross uses as first responders to disasters. The organization’s spokesperson, Elizabeth Shaw, said the team will work with delegations from the ICRC most interested and companies of Red Cross and Red Crescent on the field.

By doing so, they hope to be able to inform them individuals and the families whose data may have been compromised. Shaw then added that the next step will be to explain to them the procedures and measures adopted for protect their data. The organization will also endeavor to explain in detail what risks they may possibly face.

The comment of Darktrace, the world leader in cybersecurity

David Masson, the Director of Enterprise Security from Darktrace (AI world leader in cybersecurity) commented on the unfortunate situation. Masson stated that most criminals tend to steal personal data for later resell the information for profit. He then asks what gain could derive these criminals from information about the most vulnerable people in the world.

Masson then went on to say:

This attack is an unfortunate, yet devastating example of the fact that no individual and no organization is immune to cyber threats. The fact that the Red Cross appeals to attackers to return the stolen data confirms that they are no longer safe, under its control and custody.

Reputational damage certainly worries the organization, but it is nothing compared to the risks to which individuals and groups that are already very fragile in themselves can be victims. If the hackers do not return the stolen data, it is desirable that the Red Cross at least receives the help and support it needs to find and secure their information again quickly, reassuring and trying to restore the trust of those every day. relies on the organization, ensuring that its welfare programs are always operational.

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