Hacking Google, la nuova docuserie di Google sugli attacchi informatici thumbnail

Hacking Google, Google’s docuseries on cyber attacks

Hacking Google, the new Google docuseries on cyber attacks thumbnail

Hacking Google is the docuseries that Google launched to tell, for the first time, to the internet public who is the elite team that takes care of the security of users who flock online every day.

Hacking Google: It all began with “Operation Aurora”

The starting year is 2010, when Google announced to the whole world that it had undergone a complex attack against its corporate infrastructureresulting in intellectual property theft and damages for at least 20 companies.

The cyber attack was dubbed Operation Aurora and laid the foundations for a breakthrough in the way Google had hitherto protected its infrastructure: billions of dollars invested in cybersecurity, complete overhaul of the security team, new paradigms, new hardware and new highly specialized teams.

Starting from that nefarious year, Google has revolutionized itself and the way we protect users onlineconfirming itself 13 years later as the company that best protects people from the dangers of the internet.

Hacking Google gives a face and a word to those who deal with the cybersecurity of all of us. The series went live for the first time after the H4CK1NG G00GL3 Challenge, which saw thousands of hackers, students and enthusiasts from around the world work together over a weekend to solve security puzzles and unlock all episodes.

The six episodes of Hacking Google

Hacking Google is available for streaming on Youtube.

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