Halo Infinite e identità di genere: presente solo la scelta di corpo e voce thumbnail

Halo Infinite and gender identity: only the choice of body and voice is present

The first customization options in the Halo series that began to test the waters of the sex genres date back to Halo Reach, in 2010, where it was possible to create one Spartan female. Although the character’s appearance did not change that much, given the armor, at the time he was the subject of great interest from the community. With Halo Infinite the developers have taken this concept to the next level by completely removing the type in favor of three options related to the body and eight related to the character’s voice.

Halo Infinite does not allow you to choose the gender of the character

Halo Infinite seems to want to take a big step forward in regards inclusiveness. In the game, in fact, the gender selections options have been removed, in favor of the simple selection of three different bodies, one minute, one very big and somewhere in between. Likewise they are also present eight items to choose from, freely selectable regardless of the body model of reference.

Despite some differences in body size the three models do not differ much from each other, turning out to be simply of different sizes, with no revealing characteristics about gender. This therefore allows you to play a minimum role through the pose, unlockable by playing the various matches, and allow you to give a precise identity to the Spartan we are playing.

Halo Infinite genre

In short, the watchword seems to be freedom to customize your gaming experience, a choice that we feel we can consider more than apt for the multiplayer bracket of Halo Infinite, which also makes the appearance of your avatar one of the highlights of the experience, although it is in no way central.

In this regard, we take the opportunity to remind you that the beta of the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite can be downloaded for free both on Steam and on the Microsoft Store.

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