Halo Infinite: Complete Achievements List Revealed!

In this terribly long guide we will go and see with you the complete objective list of Halo Infinite, arriving on December 8th exclusively by Microsoft, but which in the past few hours has seen its multiplayer component unexpectedly come out.

During the Microsoft event to celebrate Xbox’s twentieth anniversary, the company literally dropped an unprecedented bombshell. In fact, 343 Industries and the Redmond house have been available since yesterday have launched the multiplayer component of Halo Infinite on PC and Xbox platforms, as had already been rumored for several days. Obviously there was a boom in downloads, especially on Steam, and the hungriest of the series immediately threw themselves into the fray, waiting for next December 8, the day in which you can finally get your hands on the full game and the campaign. This morning, Microsoft also released the full and official wish list for the title… and we tell you it’s a long one.

Before starting

To make you understand how long the Halo Infinite objective list is, we assume that completing it at 100% will allow you to obtain a Gamerscore of 1600 points, against the traditional 1000 of almost all other games. The objectives in total are 119 and unfortunately, at the time of writing this guide, not all of them have yet received an official Italian localization. Then find some objectives with the Italian title, but the description is still in English: we will modify them as soon as possible. As always, in the case of guides of this type, we remind you that although the descriptions of the objectives are exclusively the official ones given by the developers, these may still contain spoiler concerning the plot. For this reason, we do not recommend continuing reading for anyone who does not want to receive any kind of preview on Halo Infinite. Let’s begin!

5G goals | Halo Infinite: Complete Achievements List Revealed!

Let’s start with the objectives that will guarantee you 5 points each:

  • Who among us is the machine?: Get and equip a new AI.
  • Fashion… what a passion!: Wear a new armor customization item.
  • Do you need a weapon?: Try a new weapon customization item.
  • The one on the left is the brake: Test the new customized version of a vehicle.
  • Waiting for orders: Edit your Spartan tag.
  • I’m ready, and you?: Change the appearance of your Spartan in its menu.
  • Humble origins: Complete a level in a Battle Pass.
  • Daily appointment: Complete a Daily Challenge.
  • We have a job for you: Complete a Weekly Challenge.
  • It’s your turn, rookie!: Play a ranked match.
  • Prepara i popcorn: View a movie clip.
  • Personal business: Play a custom game.
  • Sharpshooter: Complete a weapon tutorial.
  • Just the two of us: Access your personal AI.
  • Make a little more noise: Get an upgraded weapon from the tutorial armory.
  • I work remotely: Collect a weapon using the grappling hook in a matchmaking match.
  • Secret stash: Place an item in the Razorback’s glove compartment in a matchmaking match.
  • Interested audience: Observe an ally driving a Warthog or Razorback in a matchmaking match.

Halo Infinite: Complete Achievements List Revealed!

The first part of the 10G objectives | Halo Infinite: Complete Achievements List Revealed!

Let’s move on to the 10-point ones, which are really many and which we preferred to divide into two distinct halves:

  • First contact: Lost, and found.
  • Together again?: Explore the underbelly of Zeta Halo and retrieve a weapon to turn the tide of this conflict.
  • Ascension Day: Defeat the Banished warlord Tremonius.
  • Zeta: Fight your way through Outpost Tremonius and step out onto the surface of Zeta Halo.
  • Fallen off: Follow the UNSC signal to a Banished stronghold called the Tower. Find the source. Get out alive.
  • Brought back to light: Shut down the Banished mining laser and gain access to the Conservatory.
  • Soccer player. Murderer.: Defeat the Hunter pair stationed at the base of the Spire.
  • Pelican shot down: Shut down the first Spire and stop Zeta’s Reformation before it’s too late.
  • One less…: Destroy a Banished anti-aircraft gun.
  • Mortal brothers: Take down the Spartan Killers Hyperius and Tovarus.
  • Light up the path: Reach the Beacons, assemble the Sequence, and gain access to the Command Spire.
  • What will it take?: Enter the Nexus and learn the secrets of the Spires. Trust is a fragile thing, isn’t it?
  • Hear these words!: Infiltrate the Command Spire and put an end to the Reformation.
  • Together again: A friend is in danger and time is running out. It’s time to face your past and save your future.
  • Settlement of scores: Storm the House of Reckoning.
  • Legends: At the end he was just a soldier. Hoping he’d done the right thing.
  • Too many goodbyes: Defeat the Harbinger. Confront the truth.
  • Manovre evasive: Unlock the Thruster ability.
  • Take cover: Unlock the Drop Wall ability.
  • Visionary: Unlock the Threat Sensor ability.
  • Full power thrusters: Fully upgrade the Thruster ability.
  • Waterproof: Fully upgrade the Drop Wall ability.
  • Big Brother: Fully upgrade the Threat Sensor ability.
  • Discovery of the outpost: Complete a Banished outpost.
  • Activator: Capture your first Forward Operating Base.
  • We are coming: Answer a UNSC distress call.
  • Head hunter: Eliminate a Banished High-Value Target.
  • Dispatches from the front: Access your first UNSC Audio Log.
  • Collector of testimonials: Unlock all UNSC Audio Logs.
  • Each story has two sides: Access your first Banished Audio Log.
  • Know your enemy: Unlock all Banished Audio Logs.
  • Infinity destroyed: Access your first Spartan Audio Log.
  • Rubicon protocol: Unlock all Spartan Audio Logs.

Halo Infinite: Complete Achievements List Revealed!

The second part of the 10G | objectives Halo Infinite: Complete Achievements List Revealed!

We continue the list with the second half of the 10-point Halo Infinite goals:

  • Hidden experience: Locate and secure a Spartan Core.
  • Maestro Mjolnir: Acquire all Spartan Cores.
  • On the defensive: Fully upgrade your Energy Shields.
  • Captain Rampino: Fully upgrade the Grappleshot.
  • Money in the bank: Access your first Mjolnir Armor Locker.
  • Passion for antiques: Scan a Forerunner Artifact.
  • Stubborn: Discover your first hidden Skull.
  • Just shut up!: Take out a Banished Propaganda Tower.
  • Cannon Race: Take down all three Banished AA guns.
  • Skeet shooting: Kill a Grunt that’s been thrown by a Brute.
  • Stendhal: Check out the best possible view.
  • Those wonderful toys: Successfully use the Grappleshot 50 times.
  • aegis: Deploy the Drop Wall 50 times.
  • Onniveggente: Use the Threat Sensor 50 times.
  • Run, rabbit … run!: Use the Thruster 50 times.
  • Assault on the Ghost: Use the Grappleshot to board an enemy Ghost.
  • Wait… can I throw them?: Throw 50 fusion coils.
  • Come home, Scorpion: Get the Scorpion all the way to the “House” without it blowing up.
  • One is worth one: Splatter an enemy with a Ghost.
  • In battle with friends: Bring some rescued UNSC Marines along for the ride into a main mission.
  • Sticky extermination: Stick 50 enemies with grenades.
  • Battle tested: Completa un Battle Pass.
  • Limited integration: Complete a Limited Time Challenge.
  • All about the grind: You have completed ranked matches for placing.
  • How to get strong: Starts training mode for the first time.
  • Sparring partner: Change any of the Training Mode options.
  • Lynx eye: Get 3 stars in a weapon tutorial.
  • Lightning bolt lubricated: Complete the Movement Yard in under 25 seconds.
  • Return to the Chopper: Get an Investment with a Brute Chopper in a matchmaking match.
  • The new arrived: Achieve a Perfect with a VK78 Commando Rifle in a matchmaking match.
  • Party on the busGet a Carriage in a Razorback in a matchmaking match.
  • Lethal look: Inflict a Backshot on an enemy by zooming in with your weapon in a matchmaking match.
  • Brutality: Kill an enemy in melee with a blade in a matchmaking match.
  • Perverse burn: Kill an enemy with the troublemaker’s charged shot in a matchmaking match.
  • Kebab: Destroy an enemy vehicle with the skewer in a matchmaking match.
  • Bomb returned to sender: Repel an enemy grenade with the repeller in a matchmaking match.
  • Do you also give gifts?: Ditch an upgraded weapon for an ally in a matchmaking match.
  • Multipurpose pilot: Drive 4 different vehicles in one match with matchmaking.
  • Enemy in the upper center: Marks an enemy located in the Upper Center in a matchmaking game.
  • Enemies everywhere!: Mark at least 3 enemies at the same time in a matchmaking match.
  • Naturally sensational: Gain access to a loot cave in a matchmaking match.

Halo Infinite: Complete Achievements List Revealed!

The objectives of 15 and 20G | Halo Infinite: Complete Achievements List Revealed!

We continue with the objectives of 15 and 20 points:

  • Enhanced: Get 3 starts in 5 drills with level 3 weapons. [15G]
  • Dominator of the bunkers: Complete all seven Banished outposts. [20G]
  • Rebirth: Capture all available Forward Operating Bases. [20G]
  • Nobody leaves here: Answer all UNSC distress calls. [20G]
  • Bloodstar Scourge: Eliminate all 15 Banished High-Value Targets. [20G]
  • Love Armory: Access all 34 Mjolnir Armor Lockers. [20G]
  • soothsayer: Scan all seven Forerunner Artifacts. [20G]
  • Catacomb: Discover all hidden Skulls. [20G]
  • Off the air: Destroy 40 Banished Propaganda Towers. [20G]
  • Do your part: Complete the tutorial. [20G]

Halo Infinite: Complete Achievements List Revealed!

The 25 and 30G | objectives Halo Infinite: Complete Achievements List Revealed!

Below you will find the 25 and 30 points:

  • Peak performanceGet a score of 2,000 in a matchmaking match. [25G]
  • Under whom watts!– Achieve a Chain Reaction with a Shock Rifle in a matchmaking match. [25G]
  • Flying assault: Grapple an enemy aircraft in a matchmaking match. [25G]
  • Who of the skull hurts …: Kill three skull enemies in a matchmaking Skull match. [25G]
  • Running laps: Capture the flag twice in one game of Capture the Flag with matchmaking. [25G]
  • Zone Ranger: Secure 5 zones in a Stronghold match with matchmaking. [25G]
  • DOCTOR!: Revive 3 allies in one round of Elimination with matchmaking. [25G]
  • Control freak: Help conquer every scoring zone in a Total Control matchmaking game. [25G]
  • Straight to the bank: Deposit 5 Energy Seeds in a matchmaking Escort match. [25G]
  • Set a Fire in Your Heart: Completed the main campaign. [30G]
  • Get ready to attack: Complete the main campaign on Normal difficulty. [30G]
  • Die as a hero: Complete all main campaign missions on Heroic difficulty. [30G]
  • You are legend: Complete all main campaign missions on Legendary difficulty. [30G]

The 40, 50 and 100G lenses | Halo Infinite: Complete Achievements List Revealed!

Finally, to end the list, let’s see together the four objectives of Halo Infinite that will guarantee you more points:

  • Because I’m worth it: Complete all Valor-awarding activities. [40G]
  • Force fast: Complete all 14 main missions in under eight hours. [40G]
  • Killing in style: Get a Mythic Medal in a matchmaking match. [50G]
  • No one better than you: Complete all main missions on Legendary with all Skulls…