Halo Infinite: guide to the best weapons

Let’s find out together which are the best weapons to use in multiplayer of the new Halo Infinite. With these, you will get the advantage you need to win in the various modes

Halo Infinite is finally here. At launch, the new fps title developed by 343 Industries is only available in its multiplayer component. The single-player campaign will arrive in fact over the next month. With a revamped online, players will be able to clash as the classics Spartan in battles to the death. After playing the multiplayer sessions for a long time, let’s find out in this article which are the best weapons to win more easily in the different modes of Halo Infinite.

War tools for every occasion

With weapons to collect within the maps in the Big Team Battle and in the modality Arena, you will always have to keep the eyes wide open to locate the best weapons in this Halo Infinite. With a total of 21 weapons already confirmed, the best ones range from precise rifles precision to devastating rifles mid e close range to finish with the most classic weapons melee. Get ready and get ready to discover the ones that are for us best weapons based on what we could play. With these yours victory it will be a little closer. We remind you that all the weapons listed below are valid exclusively for the multiplayer of the game.

Halo Infinite: guide to the best weapons

Best submachine gun: VK78 Commando – Halo Infinite: best weapons

The first of our seven recommended weapons is the awesome shotgun submachine gun VK78 Commando. Although the initial assault rifle is still a great weapon if you want to increase yours kill streak in multiplayer you will have to improve your arsenal by obtaining the VK78 Commando. The shotgun is obtainable picking it up around i points from spawn scattered across the maps. The VK78 is very accurate and will allow you to get several kills via its high rate of fire. The weapon is especially recommended if you play with mouse e keyboard (even on consoles) as it will increase yours performance in the classified.

Halo Infinite: guide to the best weapons

Best SMG: BR75 Battle Rifle – Halo Infinite: Best Weapons

The VK78 Commando is not enough need for you? Well, if you want a gun that is even more accurate then all you have to do is look for the BR75 Battle Rifle. With its semi-automatic fire, you will be amazed by its ability to arrest. However, accuracy may even overshadow his ability to kill with just one couple of shots. To sum up, if you look for some headshots easy to complete weekly challenges or simply to get immediate kills, the BR75 Battle Rifle is undoubtedly the choice improve. Let’s continue now with a not bad sniper rifle.

Halo Infinite: guide to the best weapons

Best sniper: SRS99-S7 AM – Halo Infinite: best weapons

As for the long haul, if you are looking for a sniper that it is extremely precise and that it gives you satisfaction in making trickshot in all spots on the maps Big Team Battle of Halo Infinite, then theSRS99-S7 AM is the one for you. As mentioned, with this rifle designed for the long distance you will dominate all the most advantageous spots, come on corridors ai corners. So crouch down and you will be in position better with theweapon better to hit the mark. Let’s get on with perhaps one of the more weapons lethal of the whole game, the Skewer.

Halo Infinite: guide to the best weapons

Best anti-tank: Skewer – Halo Infinite: best weapons

In the context of the Big Team Battle mode, which is where players face off in huge battles wide-ranging fields, the best weapon to have is definitely one Skewer. Shooting gods bullets extremely lethal, this weapon is capable of damage easily i vehicles and even of to break down lighter ones with a solo hit. In addition to the enormous stopping power for air and ground vehicles, the Skewer is a very appreciable weapon even in mode Arena. In this mode, we will even be able to one shottare the enemies. For these reasons, it represents one of the deadliest weapons in the game.

Halo Infinite: guide to the best weapons

Best Special Weapon: Shock Rifle – Halo Infinite: Best Weapons

It Shock Rifle it is one of many weapons special which you can find in Halo Infinite. If used, it is capable of firing at enemies e multiple objects with a single shot. For this, the Shock Rifle is the perfect weapon for to check bottlenecks and corridors in the mode Arena. Conversely, it is quite wasted when used in huge open fields of the Big Team Battle mode. In the right map for her, she is therefore one of the best weapons which you can find in the game. Now it’s up to one of the more weapons brutal for the melee, the Gravity Hammer.

Halo Infinite: guide to the best weapons

Best Melee Weapon: Gravity Hammer – Halo Infinite: Best Weapons

For an experience atwhite weapon, the weapon we recommend in this case is the Gravity Hammer. With this powerful and mighty hammer you will be able to squash your enemies in the blink of an eye. This hammer promises to one shottare enemies with a single gargantuan hit. The weapon in this case gives its best if used for flush out the enemies behind corners in narrow and delimited maps of the mode Arena. To finish our paraphernalia, here is one of the weapons historical and most iconic of the franchise, the Needler.

Halo Infinite: guide to the best weapons

Best Gun: Needler – Halo Infinite: Best Weapons

As in the other Halos, the Needler it’s more of a weapon contextual when compared to the deadliest weapons we’ve seen so far. Making herself proud of her ability to to track enemies, the Needler is great for discourage approaching enemies at medium range. The Needler certainly doesn’t have the major output from harm absolutely, but if the enemies are hit by at least set of his purple splinters, a devastating one will be unleashed explosion which will cause a great deal of damage. With this gun we have seen all the best weapons of the title (remember, only as regards the multiplayer).

Halo Infinite: guide to the best weapons

One weapon to rule them all

At the end of our list, let’s recap together what are the weapons that will give you a decent one benefit in combat. Starting with the classics rifles such as VK78 or BR75, up to sniper SRS99-S7 oppure all’anti-tank Skewer, In Halo Infinte there are so many available tools of death suitable for all occasions, whether they are for use in close combat, ranged combat, open field or Arena maps. To get to know others secrets e advice on the title, read our guides of Halo Infinite. The game will come out next December 8 on ecosystem platforms Xbox.

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