Halo Infinite mentions Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo

I marine di Halo Infinite citano uno sketch di Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo thumbnail

Did you know that Halo Infinite marines mention Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo? Incredible as it may seem, it is: here is the video.

Halo Infinite: Aldo, Giovanni, Giacomo and… Master Chief

The latest chapter of the Halo franchise continues to make people discuss and excite online users. This time, however, not for its compelling story or exceptional gameplay, but for its easter eggs. One in particular: one quote from the comic trio Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo. The detail was noticed by a player, Gabriele Deriu, who posted the hilarious clip on YouTube.

“I take off your spine and play the Albinoni adagio”

Threatening words from one of the Marines, addressed to the enemies. It is a tribute, present only in the Italian edition – of course – to the popular show I Corti del trio. In particular, the sketch is the famous one of Count Dracula played by Aldo. If you don’t know what we are talking about shame on you and run to recover below.

Halo Infinite is not new to easter eggs of this type: did you already know about this tribute to Metal Gear Solid?

Halo Infinite is available for free to Xbox Game Pass subscribers, and available for purchase on all other platforms. If you were thinking of buying it – and well and good – read our review first!