Happy birthday Google: 25 years of the Mountain View giant

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On September 27, 1998, exactly 25 years ago, two Stanford students called Larry Page e Sergey Brinthey launched a project called Google. Their original plans included the desire to create a search engine that would make people’s lives easier.

Spoiler: they will succeed.

25 years of Google: much more than a search engine

Since then, Google has come a long way, facing increasingly challenging and complex challenges in technology and information. Today, September 27, the Mountain View giant celebrates its 25th birthday, an opportunity to remember some of its main successes.

Yes, because in addition to the search engine (which has become so popular that the verb google is still used today in everyday language) the company has launched numerous other services and products.

Think about it Gmail, Drive, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Photos, Google Assistant e Google Translate. Or again to Bard, the artificial intelligence-based chatbot. And then again the Android operating systemwhich has been competing with the Big Apple for the title of most used OS in the world for over 15 years.

In a heartfelt post on its official blog, Google writes:

“We love dreaming up new ways technology can help you every day, and we’re endlessly inspired by how it’s been used to date. We are also excited by the opportunities that lie ahead and the potential for AI to help us continue to fulfill our mission and improve the lives of even more people around the world. As Sundar Pichai wrote, ‘Our search for answers will lead to extraordinary technological advances over the next 25 years.’ We look forward to building the future together with you.”

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