Happy New Year! What awaits us in 2022?

Buon anno! Cosa ci aspetta nel 2022? thumbnail

The 2022 will be a full year of tech events not to be missed, between product launches and trade fairs for tech enthusiasts. In this article we make a summary of the most important events to add to the calendar for the next 12 months, both those already fixed and those we are waiting for but do not yet have a date.

To greet 2021, Adam Mosseri gave Instagram users an incredible video message in which he announced all the news of the social network for 2022. And considering that for the past twelve months the platform has done nothing but copy TikTok, it is quite evident that future plans focus onoptimization of video formats, so as to increase public involvement. In the past, in fact, Mosseri had already announced that the App would focus more on the Reels. And now he has done nothing but confirm his intentions.

What will be the news in the automotive world for 2022? Which new models will be released in the next 12 months We will discover, month by month, the novelties of 2022 for the automotive world. There will be room for both models that will begin marketing but have already been presented, and totally new cars, which will see the light in the next 365 days. Ready to find out everything?

The 2022 promises to be a very interesting year for the products tech: we expect a lot of interesting news. In all areas, give it smartphone to the tablet, passing through smartwatch e computer, up to viewers e gadget of various types. Here are the ones we look forward to.

The end and the beginning of the year it is the period in which you take a breath and think about the future. We make good resolutions, we start throwing down ideas for the summer holidays (which we will book at the last moment anyway) and we look at everything that awaits us in the coming months. This is true in many fields, starting with cinema. So, to make it easier for you, we have prepared the list of most interesting films to be released in 2022, which you must not let slip!

The 2022 has arrived and we at Tech Princess have decided to make a list of video games which, in our opinion, meriterebbero un remake next-generation. Dreaming and hoping costs nothing, don’t you think? Find out with us who has won a place in the standings and then let us know what the video game remake you would like to see in 2022.

The events of the last two years have turned on the projector on the theme of IT security, which with smart working that becomes a new reality becomes even more important. So let’s analyze what the experts define as the main risks of cybersecurity del 2022. And the possible ways to defend yourself.

How long would we have to deal with the Coronavirus? What will the pandemic look like in 2022? Will there be new variations? And if so, how contagious will they be? When could we put an end to this situation, even more absurd if we think that it is taking place in a hyper-technological world? These are questions that we have all asked ourselves (some of us, indeed, as it is fashionable today, have also provided the answers, even without having the skills to do so). But what do the experts say? How do they think the pandemic will evolve in 2022?

2022 will be full of news from Cupertino: Apple looks ready launch several products for 2022. With iPhone redesigned, major modernizations in the line Mac e MacBook but above all with the new headset for mixed reality (AR and VR). So much so that some analysts expect that next year will be the most important for Apple since 2007, when Steve Jobs announced the very first iPhone.

Do you want to give yourself a “gift” at the beginning of the year, or have you promised yourself to change your car next year? Here you will find the 10 cheapest cars ever in the new price list, ranging from 10 to 15,500 euros.

It will be a particularly rich month of January for subscribers to the various streaming platforms. In fact, a month full of news awaits us, capable of meeting all needs and all types of spectators. Let’s start the dance with Netflix, which focuses very strongly on the new seasons of three flagship series of the platform, namely After Life (third season from January 14), Ozark (fourth season from January 21) and Snowpiercer (third season from January 25). Space also for the original films, with the entries in the catalog of the Italian 4 Metà, with Matilde Gioli and Ilenia Pastorelli, the sci-fi Mother / Android and the historical drama Monaco: on the verge of war.