Hard Drives: goal “one cent per gigabyte” by 2025

Hard Disk: obiettivo “un centesimo al gigabyte” entro il 2025

According to forecasts by Backblaze, the cost of hard drives will continue to fall to touch the cent per gigabye by 2025

We often happen to talk about Backblaze, cloud service provider and user of consumer or semi-professional hard drives and ssds. These units are clearly moderately priced compared to enterpirse products; however they guarantee excellent levels of performance and durability. Recently the company has published the database with health data from over 230 mila hard diskin over ten years of activity.

Among various assumptions, Backblaze estimated that the cost al gigabyte for these storage devices it will go down to a penny within il 2025.

The history of prices in hard drives

The prices of these devices have always been in constant decline, as confirmed by Backblaze. In fact in the 2009, for example the same products were purchased at $0.11 to gigabytes. Price plummeted, then, in 2017 when a gigabyte cost only 0.03 cents.

Hard Drives: goal "one cent per gigabyte" by 2025

Clearly these companies always tack on devices decidedly capacious (12, 14 or 16 TB) although as of today the company only buys devices with 16 TB Of storage. Today the price has dropped to approx 0,015 cents in the case of larger units. According to their estimation, month after month the cost per gigabyte will drop by 0,5% arriving at historic low of one cent by 2025 with capacities that will touch i 22 or even 24 TB.

The trend, in fact, has always been this in the last 13 years. It has not even been scratched by the moments of crisis that cyclically we find ourselves facing neither from the lack of chip e semiconductors. Not even there pandemic could have won on this downward trend.

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