HARMAN aims to redraw the boundaries of audio quality at CES 2023

HARMAN punta a ridisegnare i confini della qualità audio al CES 2023 thumbnail

During the Consumer Electronic Show 2023 (CES), which concluded this weekend in Las Vegas, HARMAN confirmed his vision of “sound as lifeblood”. The brand, which has been offering high quality sound reproduction products for years, has renewed its mission of wanting to redraw the boundaries of audio quality.

Since its founding, HARMAN has strived to capture and convey the power of sound in its purest and most authentic form through research and development. A process that has passed through generations of talented engineers and visionaries, who have made sound quality a real science. “This science of sound is what makes HARMAN unique and uniquely capable of creating truly exceptional listening experiences,” the company announced at CES 2023.

Today’s listeners are more attentive to audio quality

In addition to the prospects for the future, HARMAN presented some interesting results of a recent research conducted. According to Dr. Sean OliveAcoustic Research Senior Fellow for HARMAN International, the right equipment allows listeners to perceive the correct spectral balance and dynamic nuances.

Today’s listeners are increasingly aware of the difference high-quality equipment makes to their listening experience. The pandemic has also played a key role in this awareness, as millions of people have turned to music as a way to escape the everyday and seek solace and connection.

In the post-pandemic world, this newfound hunger for superior sound quality is growing all the time. A recent study conducted by Futuresource on global trends and market dynamics in the audio industry reveals that 54% of respondents will list playback quality among the top three most important factors when purchasing an audio product. For 24% it is instead the discriminating factor. The research is unequivocal: people are passionate about audio quality and know it when they hear it.

HARMAN products at CES 2023

HARMAN looks back on a solid history of advanced technologies. A brand that brought to the Woodstock 1969 stage that famous JBL system on which everyone played, from Santana a Jimi Hendrix. During CES 2023, HARMAN also presented the brand’s latest products. Among these we highlight:

  • Tour PRO 2: Powerful JBL headphones packed with advanced features
  • SA550: a high-end integrated amplifier
  • MP350 e CD350: a classic media player and a classic CD player
  • TT350 Classic: record player
  • JBL L82 Classic MkII and the JBL L100 Classic MkII: two reproductions of the iconic JBL speakers
  • JBL 4329P: a studio monitor