Harry Potter: here is the new board game Stupeficium

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Open the Stupeficium box and become Hogwarts students thanks to the brand new board game dedicated to Harry Potter

Dopo Time’s Up! Harry Potter, Repos Production presented the edge of Astonishment. In this box you will find a bluff party game, addictive, simple and fast. Harry Potter fans will finally be able to take part in the battles of magic. New players will enjoy just as much, studying their opponents and hiding their intentions. You don’t need to be an expert in the saga to play. Stupeficium! it is above all an experience. Experience a real challenge.

Stupeficium: the rules of the new Harry Potter game

  • Choose your spell.
  • Point your wand at any opponent, at the same time as the other players.
  • Cast your spell at the same time as the other players. Then resolve the effects of
  • Unscathed players get rewards from the center of the table and place them in their House slot
  • Spells are represented by cards that players receive at the start of the game. There are Carte Astonishment e Missed cards (happens even to the best). Be careful, you will start with a limited number of Stupeficium cards and you will have to balance your Missed cards to get the favor of your professor, brew potions or earn Point cards. Avoid getting smashed by your opponents along the way, otherwise you will become known as the laggards of your House (receiving penalties) and miss out on getting extra rewards. After 8 rounds, once all rewards have been claimed, the house with the highest score wins the game.

    The rounds are hectic! You must observe the choices of your opponents (did they use all their Stupeficium cards?), Choose whether to protect yourself, attack or claim all the rewards… And you must decide quickly, in the frenzy of the moment!

    Harry Potter: here is the new board game Stupeficium

    Price and release date

    Stupeficium will be released on September 23, 2022 in the best toy and board game stores at a price of €45,00. What do you think? Will you be joining Hogwarts once again?

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