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Pokémon TCG: Unveiled the release of the new expansion “Time Paradox”

Through a press release, The Pokémon Company has unveiled the release date of Temporal Paradox, the new Pokémon TCG expansion: let’s find out all the details together in this dedicated article

Today, The Pokémon Company International revealed that the next expansion to the hugely popular Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG), Scarlet & Violet—Time Paradox, will be available on November 3, 2023 at authorized dealers worldwide. Inspired by Pokémon Paradox from the Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet video games, it will introduce Pokémon and Trainer cards Time Past and Time Future, as recently unveiled during the 2023 Pokémon World Championships.

Pokémon TCG: the release of the new expansion has been revealed "Temporal paradox"

The Pokémon TCG is still expanding: here is the release date of Time Paradox!

I Pokémon Time PastSturdy and powerful, they tend to have direct attacks that do a lot of damage and are harder to knock out. THE future time pokemonFast and technical, they tend to have skills and attacks with added effects that allow for clever maneuvers and cunning strategies. Also, Trainer cards Time Past tend to support Pokémon Time Past, while Trainer cards Time Past tend to support Pokémon Time Future.

Cards are also back in this Pokémon TCG expansion Technical machinery, as new Pokémon Tool cards that give a new attack to the Pokémon they’re attached to. Notable cards in this set include:

  • 13 Pokémon-ex and seven Teracrystal Pokémon-ex
  • 34 rare Pokémon illustration cards
  • 15 rare special illustration cards, including Pokemon and Help cards
  • 28 specially imprinted full-art Ultra Rare cards, including Pokémon-ex and Helper cards
  • Seven specially embossed hyper-gold rare cards

Trainers will find Scarlet and Violet—Time Paradox cards in booster packs, Star Player Trainer Sets, and special collections at authorized retailers. Also, before the release of the tabletop version, starting November 2, 2023, Trainers will be able to play Scarlet & Violet—Time Paradox digitally on the Pokémon TCG Live app for iOS, Android, macOS and Windows devices. Trainers will be able to collect and battle with the new Pokémon Time Past and Pokémon Time Future, and receive in-game bonuses when they log in to the app.

And that’s it: the new Pokémon TCG expansion “Time Paradox” will therefore be available from November 3rd. Let us know what you think below in the comments and keep following us here on for all the news from the world of entertainment!

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