Haylou RS3: an all-in-one smartwatch

Today we talk about Youpinlab’s Haylou RS3, an interesting smartwatch able to monitor our health and at the same time keep an eye on the notifications on our smartphone

Beautiful and elegant, smartwatches have conquered millions of wrists, becoming almost indispensable accessories for many users. In fact, initially they only allowed to interact with the smartphone, previewing notifications and allowing quick responses. But today they have evolved and they can monitor our health and physical activity thanks to the new generation biometric sensors. Youpinlab’s Haylou RS3 is an example of how this technology has evolved nowadays.

Haylou RS3: an all-in-one smartwatch

Haylou RS3: a smartwatch with all the trimmings

The Haylou RS3 smartwatch features a great display display 1.2-inch AMOLED and 390 x 390 pixel resolution which allows you to clearly see notifications and information. The frame is made of aluminum alloy with a design Bauhaus simple and elegant, which perfectly combines aesthetics and technology. Technology that comes to the aid of our health with measurement of oxygen saturation in the blood (Spo2) which is an important physiological parameter of respiration and circulation in humans. In this way you can check the state of your body at any time. It is a suitable tool for students, sports fans and people who tend to snore.

Haylou RS3: an all-in-one smartwatch

Sport and health

Haylou RS3 is equipped with 14 sporting modes of use: outdoor running, walking, cycling, spinning, yoga, indoor running, gymnastics, basketball, sport climbing, free training, rowing, open water swimming, swimming pool. In fact, the smartwatch is waterproof and dust-proof with certification up to 5 atmospheres or can be immersed up to 50 meters deep. The integrated optical heart rate sensor, thanks to a powerful intelligent heart rate detection and analysis algorithm, monitors heart rate 24 hours a day. It can also view long-term heart rate trends via your mobile phone and 6-step heart rate zones to understand your heart health in depth. The battery can last up to 15 days with a single charge, which drop to 25 hours if you use GPS.

Finally you can connect the mobile phone via Bluetooth to view the notifications of the main social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Meseenger, Whatsapp and various information from other apps can be synchronized with the clock in real time so as not to have the smartphone always at hand. You can buy it from the official Youpinlab website. That’s it from the mobile devices section, keep following us!

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