Health Connect: Google makes it easy to sync your health data

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In recent months, Google and Samsung have collaborated in the creation of Health Connecta platform and API that gives developers a toolset for synchronize health data of users between Apps and Android devices. This will make it easier for you to track your health and fitness data across different platforms.

Health Connect: This is how Google and Samsung simplify the sharing of health and fitness data

Google and Samsung make life easier for users with an option of health data synchronization e fitness between apps and different devices. Notably, developers can now enter health data into an encrypted hub that resides on users’ devices. And this will allow them to have full control over the data they share and the apps they share it with. Indeed, if more than one App is collecting the same type of data, users can choose to share it with a specific application rather than with others. And in order not to miss anything, Health Connect supports over 50 types of data in different categories: activity, cycle monitoring, nutrition, sleep and vital signs.

“We are working together with Google and other partners to deliver the full benefits and potential of Health Connect,” he reports TaeJong Jay Yang, executive vice president of Samsung. “I am thrilled to confirm that Samsung Health will also be adopting Health Connect later this year. With the permission of the users, this will allow App developers to take advantage of accurate and optimized data measured on the Galaxy Watch for Samsung Health and also use it in their Apps “. For now, however, the platform is in one open betaaccessible to all android developers.

In addition to Samsung, Google is also working with developers at MyFitnessPal, Leap Fitness and Withings on an early access program. But it looks like Google Fit and Fitbit will also be adopting the new data sync option, which means maybe we could already see it on the upcoming Pixel Watch by the end of the year. In this case, let us note that perhaps the tech giant is aiming at the establishment of its own ecosystem. It is a hypothesis, mind you. But perhaps this novelty is just a step towards something bigger.

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