Hearthstone: the new update is coming with lots of content

Along with the recent news that has given the gaming industry a huge shakeup, the arrival of the new Hearthstone update has recently been officially announced, which will include lots of new content such as Friends of the Battle, updates for the Mercenaries mode and events at weather

As everyone knows by now, it has recently occurred an event of gigantic proportions, that is, Microsoft’s purchase of the Activision Blizzard group. Speaking of this news, many on the web have launched in recent days in speculation about what all this could mean for the games managed by Activision Blizzard, without however having a concrete answer on the question. Waiting for some to arrive official announcement, meanwhile we can enjoy the new Hearthstone update and new content coming in the next few days. Let’s see all the details below!

Hearthstone: all the news of the new update

Starting immediately to talk about the contents of the new Hearthstone update, we first introduce the Friends of the Battle. It is a new typology of servant exclusive special of each hero, designed to work in synergy with his style of play. With them will also come the new based combat system on the Amicometer, which will fill up during the match, for a total of 75 heroes and as many Friends. On top of that, after reminding you of the Mercenaries mode we were talking about some time ago, we announce that with the next patch there will also be news on that front: in addition to the addition of the Training Camp (new Village structure, which allows Mercenaries to passively gain experience while the player collects bounties with other Mercenaries), new mercenaries Balinda Cordipietra, Captain Galvangar, Lokholar, Wrathion and Sinestra will be added, new bounties and the new adventure Tavish Piccatonante.

Hearthstone: the new update is coming with lots of content

All the new updates mentioned above will arrive starting from January 25, with the exception of Tavish Piccatonante who will arrive starting from February 1. In addition to all this, from 2 to 16 February the limited-time event of the Moon party. During the Lunar Revel, all players will receive the back of the Dancing Lion, and you will find a new weekly fight and new missions that interesting rewards.

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