TikTok e Universal trovano un accordo: la musica torna sul social cinese thumbnail

TikTok and Universal reach an agreement: music returns to the Chinese social network

May began with great news: the renewed licensing agreement between TikTok e Universal Music Group (UMG). This development follows the expiration of the previous contract at the end of January, which saw UMG withdraw its artists' music from the social platform.

Music from Universal artists returns to TikTok

The new agreement, announced today – May 2 – through a joint press release, promises substantial improvements compared to previous conditions. In particular, a fairer remuneration for UMG artists and authorsas well as new promotional opportunities.

A particular focus was placed on protection of human art in the era of generative artificial intelligence. TikTok is now committed to removing unauthorized AI-generated songs.

Lucian Grainge, President and CEO of Universal Music Groupexpressed optimism about the new partnership, highlighting the importance of the value of music and the well-being of the creative community.

“This new chapter in our relationship with TikTok focuses on the value of music, the primacy of human artistry, and the well-being of the creative community. We look forward to collaborating with the TikTok team to advance the interests of our artists and songwriters and drive innovation in fan engagement while advancing the monetization of social music.”

These are the words of Shou Chew, CEO of TikTok

“Music is an integral part of the TikTok ecosystem and we are pleased to have found a path with Universal Music Group. We are committed to working together to bring value, discovery and promotion to all of UMG's extraordinary artists and songwriters, deepening their ability to grow, connect and engage with the TikTok community.”

TikTok users can therefore look forward to the return of music from their favorite UMG artists to the platform. At the moment, a precise date for the restoration of the Universal library has not been confirmed.

A not exactly simple period for TikTok

This licensing agreement fits into a broader context, marked by the signing of a bill by United States President Joe Biden. The DDL requires a ByteDancethe parent company of TikTok, by sell the platform's US shares or face a permanent ban in the US.

ByteDance has rejected the allegations, saying it has no intention of selling the business, suggesting a possible shutdown of the platform rather than a sale.

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