Heineken Milano, the Metabar for a virtual drink

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A recurring point of any conversation about technology, the Metaverso promises to be a revolution. We will be able to live extraordinary experiences within this virtual world, which blurs the line between reality and cyberspace. However, there are some aspects of daily life that are difficult to imagine replicated digitally, such as enjoying a good refreshing beer. But Heineken tried, launching the world’s first Metabar in Milan. We visited it in preview and we are ready to tell you about it.

What exactly is Heineken’s Metabar in Milan?

Wanting to speak in communicative terms, the meta bar located in Piazza Sempione in Milan is a temporary installation, created to celebrate the launch of Heineken Silver, the latest addition to the Dutch brewery. This beer, specially designed to meet the tastes of the new generations, was presented in an innovative way through a press conference in the Metaverse, to then land now in the real world. But how exactly does all this happen? What awaits us inside this installation?

Once the doors of the Metabar are opened we find ourselves in front of a bouncer, as it can happen in the local classics. However in this case it is a virtual bouncer, that is an avatar who will interact with us and give us the token with which we can access the different experiences available.

The first room includes a dance floor, but above all two bar stations, where we can order drinks. Obviously, just like with the bouncer, the bartenders will also be virtual avatars, to which we will have to show our token. At this point we will be able to order various appetizers and above all ours Heineken Silveravailable both on tap and canned.

By choosing this last option we will have the possibility of see it generated pixel by pixel in a hologram and then appear before our eyes with a truly captivating effect. A touch of charm indeed in its relative simplicity leaves you speechless.

Experiences on the edge of (virtual) reality

As you can see, we also made some new digital friends!

Within the structure we will also have the opportunity to try content specially created to walk the line between real and digital. For example, there will be a room where we can interact with a ‘democratic’ jukebox to choose the music that will be heard in the entire room together with all the other participants.

We can then enter a sort of virtual closet, where you can try to ‘wear’ digital suits of all kinds. All of course with a themed aesthetic, which seems to come directly from the cyberpunk fantasies of the 90s and which are now forcefully returning to the fore. And again, we will have stations of photoshootwhere you can meet characters and avatars directly from the Metaverse and take pictures with them.

The most important room from this point of view, however, is the last through which we can have a taste of the Metaverse real. In fact, we will have the opportunity to delve into the brewery that Heineken has rebuilt on the platform Decentralandin that first step of the project that led to the opening of the Metabar in Milan.

There will be several screens through which we will live a complete tour of the virtual structure. A journey into cyberspace that can be a first impact towards what this environment will actually be beyond everyday reality.

But Heineken’s Metabar in Milan is above all a local

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Beyond the digital experiences, this installation is and remains a place to have fun. And in fact throughout the opening period there will be unmissable meetings and DJ sets. Among the guests already announced are for example Valerio Lundini, Alessandro Malossi, Manuelito Hell Raton, Angelica D’amore, Simone De Kunovich, La Pina, Diego e The okey by Radio Deejay and many others.

Clearly, however, all these occasions will remain faithful to the style of the Metabar, poised between two realities. Each of the participants will have their own avatar, which carefully reproduces their features. Thanks to the technology of motion capture in real timethis character will replicate all the guest’s expressions on the console and will be projected on the numerous screens of the restaurant.

All then immersed in a truly unique atmosphere. L’cyberpunk aesthetic is carefully reproduced, without forgetting the pinch of irony typical of Heineken. It really feels like being in a pub straight out of Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell or the very famous Ready Player One. Reviewing the Arco della Pace once you leave leaves you speechless: it feels like returning from another world.

In all of this, of course, we concluded our visit with a taste of the nuova Heineken Silver and we must say that it keeps expectations. Designed to meet the taste of Generation Z, it has a less bitter taste than the classic and definitely is extra refreshing as promised. A great choice for the start of summer.

The Heineken Metabar is open from 7 to 10 April

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Jan BosselaersMarketing Director Heineken Italia, commented on the opening of Heineken’s Metabar in Milan:

“This installation, as well as the launch of the new Heineken Silver in the metaverse, reflects the brand’s innovative and distinctive approach. The pioneering spirit that distinguishes us is what pushed us to make the product and consumers experience a journey between virtual and real. We started from the metaverse to arrive in Milan with an installation that perfectly summarizes this path and that looks to the future and to the new generations. We wanted to offer an engaging, fresh and exciting experience, with the playful and ironic tone that characterizes us to remind everyone that there is nothing better than enjoying a real beer in company “.

The Metabar in Heineken it is located in Milan, at the Daziari toll booths in Piazza Sempione. The venue will open on 7 April by invitation only, and will then be available to the public from 16.00 to 20.00 until 10 April. For more information and to see the complete calendar of events inside, we invite you to visit the company’s social networks.