Hell Let Loose has landed on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

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Team17 and Black Matter unleashed the horrors of World War II on consoles today with the launch of Hell Let Loose on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. Available free for members of Playstation plus in October, Hell Let Loose is a multiplayer strategy shooter that brings for the first time a brutally authentic portrayal of WWII frontline warfare on the new generation of consoles. In addition to cross play, the game guarantees 4K resolution (1080p on Xbox Series S) and 60 frames per second.

Hell Let Loose arriva su PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X|S

Hell Let Loose offre un gameplay con 50 vs 50 fights set in 10 maps that faithfully reproduce some of the most important and famous battles on the western front of the war, including the beaches of Utah and Omaha, Carentan and Foy. In the title we can use well 14 different classes, from the sniper to the engineer, while at the head of everything we will have a general commander who will issue orders through squad officers.

Here are the main features of Hell Let Loose:

  • The brutality of war in Europe: Hell Let Loose portrays the battles of the Western Front of World War II in two distinct modes, Offensive and Warfare.
  • Authentic strategic gameplay: each faction is divided into battleships, infantry and reconnaissance, led by officers in direct communication with a commander general who directs the flow of the game.
  • I play a role: Fourteen roles are available for players to experience, from engineers and snipers, commanders and crew members to tanks, medics and support; they all play a part in the war effort.
  • Feedback aptico: Hell Let Loose on PlayStation 5 includes support for DualSense haptic feedback for each weapon, support for adaptive triggers when driving or shooting, and DualSense audio feedback via the controller’s speaker.