Ecco tutti i nuovi giochi mobile aggiunti al catalogo Netflix thumbnail

Here are all the new mobile games added to the Netflix catalog

Netflix expands its mobile game catalog with a host of new titles for Android and iOS. The new mobile games are suitable for different needs: solo, multiplayer, pastime or immersive and engaging experience. Let’s take a look at all the new titles added (and coming soon), playable directly from the app.

The new Netflix games of the end of May 2022

Dragon Up: Added to the catalog yesterday (May 24), Dragon Up is a 2D game inspired by the Scandinavian illustrations of the first texts of tales and fairy tales. Players will have to collect dragon eggs and hatch them, thus collecting rare creatures in single-player mode. Thanks to the dragons it will be possible to save the kingdom, discovering new lands from time to time. To do this, however, you will need to potential your fire-breathing animals, leveling them up and improving their unique abilities.

Moonlighter: this too arrived in the catalog yesterday, and will take the player as a shop manager to an idyllic village. The phases of the game will be divided into two: day and night. With the light it will be necessary to take care of the activity, putting items up for sale by carefully setting the prices. As darkness falls, it will be necessary to explore mysterious dungeons to face and annihilate monsters. An RPG directly from Poland, whose protagonist, Will, is characterized by white hair. In reality he is only 20 years old, but the choice of hair color is a tribute to Kid, one of the protagonists of the Bastion videogame (developed by Supergiant Games).

MOONLIGHTERgame art horizontal na 01 en

A Kingdom Rebuilt: more of the Netflix games added yesterday. This is the mobile version of the popular strategy title. Players will start from a small village and then end up in a gigantic medieval metropolis. But care and attention will be required for the well-being and flourishing of the city. The people will need food and protection, as well as a good dose of entertainment. But be careful: resources and the onset of diseases, plagues and natural phenomena must be carefully managed.

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Exploding Kittens: The game (from May 31st): we all love kittens, right? After all we are on the internet. And we all love board games. Here you can share your passion for felines and board games with five other people. Draw as many cards as you can and do your best to avoid (or defuse) the explosive cats, otherwise… boom! Netflix subscribers will be able to use two exclusive cards that allow them to manipulate the deck in new ways.

ExplodingKittensgame art horizontal na 01 en

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