Here are Beurer fitness products

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Beurer offers a vast catalog of products designed for fitness and to get back in shape immediately. The summer vacation period often coincides with periods of poor training and attention to nutrition, so it is right to go back to taking care of your body.

The Beurer product catalog for fitness and more

Elettrostimolatore EM 95 EMShomeSTUDIO: offers a complete workout in any place, both outdoors and indoors (such as at home or in the gym). It integrates 20 Fitness & Power and Relax & Wellbeing programs, 3 speed levels and 8 self-adhesive gel electrodes. The 3.5 ″ color TFT display integrates a safety stop. The price is 520.99 euros.

EM 59 Heat digital TENS / EMS electrostimulator with heating function: integrates both EMS muscle stimulation and TENS pain therapy. There are 6 individual programs, different intensity levels and 64 pre – programmed applications. It integrates the safety stop function. The price is 119.99 euros.

Muscle Booster EM 22: supports EMS technology, and it is possible to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, arms and legs, with 15 different levels. It also features an automatic shutdown function, and is priced at 62.99 euros.

Elettrostimolatore EM 70 Wireless: offers both transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and muscle (EMS). It is equipped with 4 self-adhesive electrodes, 19 pre – programmed applications and different intensity levels. It is available at a price of 122.99 euros.

AS 97 activity sensor: allows you to monitor your physical activity, sleep and other factors such as heart rate. Live tracking also allows you to take into account the number of steps and calorie consumption. The price is equal to 61.99 euros.

KS 34 kitchen scale: Weighs foods up to 15kg and features an elegant design. The glass surface is easy to clean after use. The cost is 62.99 euros.

GS 405 SignatureLine steel scale: It is a bathroom scale with an elegant design and a well-lit display. It is sold at a price of 56.99 euros.

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