Here are Panda Security’s tips for World Password Day

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On the occasion of the World Password Daythe day dedicated to raising awareness on the importance of choosing a secure password for your accountsPanda Security provides some tips for users. Panda Security’s recommendations are aimed at defining a password that is safe and memorable. Here are the full details:

Panda Security’s tips on the occasion of World Password Day

One of the main tips for identifying a secure password made available by Panda Security concerns the custom replacement system. Instead of using the “usual” methods (4 for A or $ for S etc.) it is advisable to create your own substitution system, with single matches. It is advisable avoid capitalization in a predictable way (at the beginning or at the end of words). This way, using custom substitutions and uppercase substitutions in place of lowercase will be much more effective.

The other tips

Another Panda Security tip on the occasion of World Password Day concerns the length that it should never contain less than 8 characters. It is also useful to use acronyms based on a longer sentence it’s a good way to create a strong password. Furthermore, a good password must be both unique that unrepeatable so you can be really unpredictable. It is also important to use a MFA system, which is multi-factor authentication. You also need to rely on a password management tool to maximize security.

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